7 Unconventional Ways to Get the News ...


With some many news stories breaking every day, you might find that the unconventional ways to get the news are more effective than sitting down for the 10 o’clock news each night. What I love so much about these unconventional ways are that you have the option to get the news that you want to hear about. And these unconventional ways let you get more information than a 40 second news clip about a story. So here are the some of the best unconventional ways to get the news.

1. Twitter

Of all of the unconventional ways to get the news, this is probably the easiest. All you need is to have a Twitter account and to follow the major news outlets. CNN, FOX News, MSNBC and more all have twitter accounts. It makes it super easy for you to just scroll through your feed and find the latest stories from all around the world. And because you select which accounts to follow, you can tailor the content to what you want to hear about.

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