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7 Typically Guy Things You Should Know How to do ...

By Alicia

There are some typically guy things you should know how to do. These are things that most guys do know how to do but generally, fewer girls do. This may not be true of you and if so, it’s great that you already have this knowledge. These things you should know how to do are things that can help you to be more independent and maybe even safer.

1 Check Your Oil & Transmission Fluid

One of the things you should know how to do is check your oil and transmission fluid. It is relatively simple to do both of these. Knowing this can help you to know if your car is performing at its best or if it needs attention. If you don’t know how to do these things, ask someone to teach you. It can prevent your car from being damaged by driving it when it is too low on either fluid.

2 Take Care of Your Tires

It is good to know how to take care of your tires. If you don’t know how to change a tire, it might be a skill you want to think about learning. It is also good to know how to put air in your tires in case one is low. This is a very simple skill that anyone can master. If you are afraid you might overfill them with air, you can pick up a tire gauge to carry in your car for just a couple of dollars.

3 Drive a Stick

This is a skill I do not have but do want to learn. Being able to drive a standard vehicle is a good skill to know. You never know when the only vehicle available to you might be a standard. Perhaps yours has to go in the shop and the only one you can borrow is a standard. For those of you that already have this skill, I admire you.

4 Defend Yourself

Let’s face it. We live in an unsafe world. There may be a time when you need to know how to defend yourself. It's good to know you can do that if you ever have to do so. There are many different ways you can learn to do this; you can choose the right way for yourself.

5 Know when You Are Getting Ripped off

This one isn’t quite as easy as the others. It is a skill that is more about going with your instinct. It is good to know when you are getting treated fairly and when you are getting ripped off. Sadly, some businesses have taken advantage of women that don’t have a lot of knowledge about what something should cost such as tires or car repair. If you are in need of any service or product that you don’t know a lot about, do your homework before you go in. This way you will know if you are getting treated fairly.

6 Turn the Main Water off

Hopefully this is a skill you will not need to know but it’s good to know if you do need it. Learn where the stop cock (main water turn-off) is in your home and how to turn it off. If your water were ever have a huge leak or be causing a flood, you can use this skill. It could prevent the situation from growing worse. This is a very simple thing to learn.

7 Reset a Circuit Breaker

Resetting a circuit breaker is sometimes necessary. On occasion, a breaker can flip. When this happens, you will know how to reset it and go on with your day. It isn’t unusual for this to happen in most homes from time to time. This is another skill that's quick and easy to learn.

These are some things you should know how to do. What are your thoughts? Does this inspire you to learn any of these skills?

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