7 Types of Tattoos to Avoid ...


If you are considering the idea of getting a tattoo, keep in mind there are certain tattoos to avoid. I have a couple tattoos of my own, but I am not entirely happy with them. Learn from my mistakes. Both of my tattoos were done on a whim, with very little planning ahead of time. Take a peek at the following types of tattoos to avoid.

1. Names

A tattoo of your boyfriend’s name may seem romantic at the time, but it tops the list of tattoos to avoid. Never tattoo the name of a love interest on your body. I know, I know, you two will be together forever. Hopefully, that will be the case, especially if you have his name tattooed on your chest. Personally, I wouldn’t tattoo my kid’s name on my body, either, because she’d die of embarrassment. However, a child’s name is more acceptable than a boyfriend’s name.

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