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7 Topics to Investigate if You Will Soon Be Turning 30 ...

By Sarah

Turning 30 is kind of a big deal. For many of us it is a marker to achieve our personal goals and a celebration of all the great times we have had. It is also a sign of maturity – no longer naïve youngsters, we are seasoned warriors in the game of life. If you are feeling panicky, just relax and try and enjoy the transition – although you will be saying goodbye to aspects of your youth, there is a whole new world to embrace, and don’t assume it will be boring. So if you're turning 30 in the not too distant future and are keen to get ahead of the game, here are 7 topics to investigate.

1 Wine and Cheese

Yes if you want to be a savvy and chic when turning 30, you might want to consider swatting up on your knowledge of wine and cheese. From Camembert to the divine Brie Cheese and from Merlot to Sauvignon Blanc, there really is a lot to learn. And the best bit is the process of doing your homework you can to try and taste samples. Perhaps take a little trip to a vineyard for wine tasting? Anyway if you are turning 30, ditch your alcohol and late night kebabs and trade it in for wine and cheese.

2 Babies

I can’t wait for motherhood; it seems such a special phase of a woman’s life. Whether you choose to have children or not, many of your friends and family will be creating little sprogs in their 30’s. Join in the fun and celebration of new life. Whether you are thinking of starting your own family or just want to be involved, now would be a good time to learn about breast pumps, diapers and all things baby related. (Note: Many of you will already be lucky mothers so please ignore this one!)

3 Mortgages

It’s no longer cool to live with your mum and dad when you are in your 30’s. Many women will begin to have the resources and desire to get a mortgage to buy a house. Rather than rolling with the flow, it is definitely wise to learn exactly how mortgages work and the different ones that are available to you. Getting a mortgage is a huge financial commitment so don’t enter one without a clue what you are signing up for – get money smart.

4 Dress Sense

Whilst you may still fit into your old clothes and look great – I really think it is time to say goodbye to see through tops, boob tubes and belt skirts. Let the young pups have the chance to flaunt their bodies and choose to pick outfits that are still sexy but a little classier. Turning 30 is a good time to assess how you want to project your image. Changing your look should be fun and experimental; maybe you want to buy your first pant suit or cashmere sweater, or perhaps buy A-line skirts instead of pleats. This should be a fun challenge, not a chore. So chuck out your old garb, and in with the new!

5 Becoming Thrifty

You may not agree with me – but I believe turning 30 is the time to start becoming thrifty. Rather than splurging on must have items, start saving your pennies for the things you really want. There is no shame in collecting money saving coupons or buying home brand products. Start researching cost cutting ways to save money on your bills and outgoings; no one ever regretted having more money in the bank.

6 Self Help

Unless you are a magician you might start to feel a little stressed juggling a busy hectic lifestyle. From childcare to housework, paying the bills and attending social events you might find little time to just sit back and relax. Make sure that as you enter your 30’s you have developed a good support network of friends, family and self-help aids. From books to bubble bath, discover how to unwind and relax so that you are able to stay on top of things.

7 Fine Dining

Goodbye fast food, hello fine dining. Maybe your 30’s are the time to start a new food journey. If you have never eaten at a Michelin star restaurant before or tried eating Lobster, I think now is the time to do so. Your 30’s are a new type of frivolous. Explore gastronomic delights and be well educated on both fine dining and home cooking.

Rather than mourning the loss of your 20’s be bold and brave and look forward to a new era in your life. This is an opportunity to change your looks and lifestyle to reinvent yourself as a new woman. These 7 topics to investigate are perfect to get you thinking about all the new and positive changes to life in your 30’s and get you up so speed on the things you should know about. Any suggestions for other people soon to be turning 30?

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