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If you are looking for tips on how to get your partner to help around the house, then you’ve come to the right place. If you feel like your better half has become lazy and uncaring and they don’t want to do their fair share around the house anymore, don’t despair! There are a lot of things you can do to change this situation and gain more cooperation out of them. You can start by creating an action plan that will not only motivate them to help you out more but which will also create peace and balance within the relationship. Here are a few very helpful tips on how to get your partner to help around the house that you should consider:

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Determine What Needs to Be Done

The first thing you should do if you want to learn how to get your partner to help around the house is to determine what needs to be done. Just make a list of all the weekly chores, from doing the laundry to taking out the garbage, and then establish who will do each task. Try to identify what constitutes household work and get organized.


Start by sitting down together and creating a shared vision of a clean and organized home. Openly discuss each other’s expectations and capacities, acknowledging that some tasks may be more challenging or less enjoyable for one partner than the other. Be sure to create a fair and flexible list that considers both partners' schedules and energy levels. Remember, the aim is to build a partnership, so approach this conversation with compassion and a willingness to compromise.


Ask for Help

Nobody can read minds, so if you want your partner to help out more around the house, then make sure you ask for their help. Unless you ask, they might not even know that you need any help. Just talk to them when you’re both in a good mood and calmly explain to them why you need their help.


Offer Reinforcement

This is one of the most important things you should do if you want to convince your significant other to help out more around the house. Offer positive reinforcement every time they complete a task that you asked them to do. Even if they didn’t do that thing the way you would have done it, be grateful for the fact that they tried to make you happy and thank them in the best possible way.


Ask Them What Chores They Would Prefer Doing

Ask your partner to review your list and see what chores they would prefer doing. This way, they will be more willing to help you since they will feel like they have a choice and that you care about their opinion too. There must be certain things that even you don’t like doing and you wouldn’t like it if someone made you feel like you were obligated to do them.


Form a Team Approach to the Household Chores

Try to consider forming a team approach to the household chores. Just choose a day of the week when you are both free and do those chores together. Just break down big tasks into smaller chores and do them together as a team. For example, you could cook and they could wash the dishes or you could vacuum the floors and your partner could mop them.


Have Patience

Try to be flexible and have as much patience as possible when you are trying to convince your partner to help out more around the house. It takes time to change old routines and habits, so avoid keeping score. Be kind and gently remind them of their end of the bargain if they don’t keep their word.


Behave Respectfully

Always behave respectfully, no matter how much your partner has upset you. Attack patterns, not people. Mutual respectful behavior is important if you want to have a meaningful and happy relationship. Control your anger and speak calmly if you want to make an objection regarding your partner’s behavior.

Getting your partner to help out more around the house is not an impossible thing to achieve. You just have to have enough patience and don’t forget to stick to your action plan, so you’ll be able to help them build a new habit. Do you know any other tips on how to get your partner to help around the house? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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I am a type A, choleric woman, if things do not get done I all be upset. I hate not having things done and it needs get done. I like that the list very much and it has nice points. Yet I hate procrastination. It drives me insane.

I'm going to apply this list of suggestions to my teenagers !!

Sorry I've very patient I just end up doing it all myself .

What's worked for me .... and has cut down on the nagging part cuz you know, after asking several times. I make a list for him and post it on the fridge. Two columns: NEEDS to be done and WANT to be done. Of course under NEEDS to be done is the ongoing chores like: grass cutting, garbage, recycling, etc. This list is not a choice! The WANT to be done column would be things like: paint bedroom, organize garage, fix broken chair, etc. This list I would have a "To be done by" date. I wouldn't nag, I'm simply asking for help around the house as I work full-time, cook the meals, clean house, laundry and take care of our children. In other words .... I was saying, "Don't care which day you do it but it needs to be done by this date!" Saves on the arguments and he gets the attention he desires in the bedroom! Just saying!

I tried to discuss this with my hubby during a Soccer match! Big mistake!

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