7 Tips on How to Get What You Want ...


People ask for things everyday but many people rarely use psychology to their advantage; if you want a hand from psychology with helpful tips on how to get what you want, then youโ€™re in luck! The first thing you must know about getting what you want is that compliance is the key. If you can get people to comply with your requests, you can pretty much get anything your heart desires. Below are a few techniques to induce compliance. Keep reading if youโ€™re interested in knowing how to get what you want. I know you are, so go ahead!

1. Give a Reason, Any Reason

One of the simplest tips on how to get what you want I can possibly give you is to give a reason, pretty much any reason! There was an experiment done in 1978 that showed how easy it is to get what you want just by giving a reason. The experimenter asked to cut the line of people waiting to use the copy machine, and the reason he gave was โ€œBecause I have to make copies.โ€ You wonโ€™t believe it, but many people complied even though that was a dumb reason to cut the line. Everyone had to make copies! So many people respond to requests without even thinking about how legitimate the reason. Try it and see where it gets you!

Foot in the Door Technique
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