9 Tips on Choosing a Color Palette for Your Home ...


Choosing a color palette for your home can be a tedious job and one that many of us avoid. Sometimes, we are too afraid to pick any color and wind up in a 50 shades of beige horror (yes, I went there). Or, we pick way too much color and end up having decor that looks more fitting for a clown's home. There have been times where I am completely guilty of both, but thankfully, there are designers who are much wiser than us when it comes to home decor. These are a few of the tips they give when choosing a color palette for your home.

1. Look to Your Wardrobe

This is the greatest bit of advice I have ever found for choosing a color palette of your home. The great Emily Henderson recommends looking to your wardrobe for inspiration and picking the main color of your room/house from the most prominent color that you wear. This is genius. We tend to pick colors we love that also look great on us when we choose clothing.

Go for What You Look Good in
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