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Being a mom is an excellent job. And, yes, it is a job! There’s no need to become stressed out about motherhood and all it entails. Here are 7 tips on being a happier mom that I wanted to share. Feel free to comment and add your own input for this list.

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Do Things with Your Child

The best tip on being a happier mom is to enjoy being a mother. If you simply feel like your entire existence revolves around picking up toys, washing dishes, laundering clothes, wiping up messes, and driving your child from one place to the next, then you are missing the point of being a parent. Do something fun with your kid. Cook dinner together, have him help you sort laundry, teach him how to wash dishes, and take a break from everything and play together!


Get Plenty of Rest

A sleepy mom is often a grouchy mom. I know my patience runs very thin when I’m tired. I’m much more likely to snap over the silliest things when I haven’t had enough sleep. Get your rest and take naps when possible. There’s nothing like a good power nap to get you going again.


Be Spontaneous

The fact that a little spontaneity goes a long way is a great tip on being a happier mom. Take your kids to the park for a picnic lunch or drop everything and go play in the sprinkler. Doing things with only a moment’s notice keeps life exciting.


Learn Things from Other Happy Moms

People who are happy are more than willing to share their secrets for happiness with someone who asks. Other moms might have little tricks and tips that will work well for you and your schedule as well. It never hurts to try something new.


Ask for Help when You Need It

I find it’s not always easier to do things on my own. Sometimes it might seem like it’s quicker, but I’m usually left feeling worn out from trying to do to much on my own. I don’t always ask for help when I should, but I’m getting much better than I used to be!


It’s Okay to Say ‘no’ Once in a While

The most important tip on being a happier mom is knowing when to say no. You don’t have to attend every function all the other parents are going to. It is possible to do too much for others and not enough for your own family. Try to eliminate some of the events you drag yourself to. Not every week is the same; any mom can tell you that. Consider what you absolutely have to do and what can be rescheduled or eliminated all together. Free up some of your time and you’ll feel a lot less stressed.


Don’t Forget to Take Time for Yourself

There’s no need to spend a lot of money to pamper yourself. You can just as easily fill up the tub with your favorite bubble bath and put on some soothing music while you relax in the suds. Go for a jog or a hike along the trails if you prefer a little more physical activity during your Mommy Time.

Being happy is being healthy. I hope these 7 tips on being a happier mom are ones you can use to make yourself much happier! What tips would you provide to a mom who needs a little pick-me-up in her daily schedule?

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