7 Tips on Adjusting to Life after Studying Abroad ...


After you have had the most incredible time of your life abroad, you might be intimidated by the thought of adjusting to life after studying abroad. You have just spent the last few months in an entire new county with an entirely different culture. Adjusting to life back in the USA can be intimidating, but it is not impossible. With these steps, you will be back on track in America but still remember all of the wonderful times you had abroad.

1. Get Your Sleep Schedule Back on Track

From my own personal experience, the hardest part about adjusting to life after studying abroad was getting my sleep schedule back on track. If you have been studying overseas, there is a good chance you will be pretty jet-lagged for the week you come home. The day you get back, try to stay up as late as possible until it is a normal time to fall asleep. It will take some time to get fully back on schedule, but it is the first step in being able to function properly in America.

Realize How Much You Have Changed
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