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8 Tips for Living Together before Marriage ...

By Lisa

Cohabitating is a huge step and if you’re at that crossroads in your life, I’ve got some helpful tips for living together before marriage. Sure, living together is exciting and fun but there’s also a very serious side to moving in together with anyone, and not just anyone but your significant other! So check out these 8 tips that can help make cohabitating before marriage much easier!

1 Talk It out

One of the most important tips for living together before marriage is to have a conversation about the future. While you might be expecting marriage down the line, your significant other might not be on the same track as you. Get this convo out of the way so you are both aware of each other’s expectations or lack thereof.

2 Communicate More

This list of tips for living together must also mention that in order to get past pesky pet peeves, who’s responsible for what and how bills are going to be paid, it may be uncomfortable but you've gotta talk it out! If you’ve been living together for awhile, you’ve probably figured out all these things, but it still doesn’t hurt to keep on communicating! Things always come up during cohabitation all the time, so don’t be afraid to speak up!

3 Choose Battles Wisely

A smart living together tip is to choose your battles wisely. If you’ve ever had a roommate, I’m sure you’ve experienced plenty of little tiffs and squabbles. And just because you’re living with your sweetie doesn’t mean that things get any easier! Anytime you live with someone, you have to learn to let go of some of the smaller things and learn to argue constructively instead of merely trying to prove a point.

4 Think about Others

Another one of the very wise tips for living together before marriage is to realize that your behaviors and actions affect more than just you. You’re in a committed relationship so you can’t exactly go around taking last-minute weekend trips with your friends or doing things without thoroughly thinking about how it can affect your other half. Start thinking of your life as part of a couple and think decisions through!

5 Don’t Lose Yourself

The previous living together tip focused on considering your mate’s feelings before acting but it’s also important to give each other space. It’s easy for some people to get so caught up in their relationship that they lose their own identity. Keep up with your friends, hobbies and everything else that was a part of your life before becoming a couple and moving in together. Make sure you encourage your other half to do the same!

6 Act like You’re Married

Tips for living together before marriage and making it work often mean acting like you’re married. This goes much further than just getting his and hers embroidered robes, though. Take the relationship seriously and make them a priority in your life, just like you would your spouse. Be a united front and tackle problems like you would if you were a married couple and make decisions together.

7 Be a Good Partner

Being both a good partner and roommate are essential tips on living together. Make sure you’re taking their needs into consideration as much as your own. Help your partner to grow and achieve goals and do this unconditionally! This is what a solid and successful partnership is all about! Doing this will not only make living together go much smoother, but it’ll improve your relationship too!

8 Be Honest

The last important tip for living together before marriage is to be honest. Just because you move in together doesn’t mean that you have to get married or even stay together! Don’t stay in a relationship just because you share a place and signed a one-year lease! If you’re unhappy, talk to your partner and tell them how you feel. If you two grew apart and just aren’t happy anymore, don’t be afraid to move out and on, for the both of you.

These tips for living together before marriage might sound very basic but there is a lot to them. Each tip takes a lot of work and isn’t really something you can implement in one night with immediate results, so give it some time. Living with anyone, especially a significant other, can be complicated but if you work at it, it can definitely be done! Do you have any tips for people moving in together before marriage?

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