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You don't want to go to school or work with your eyes half closed, which is why you should try using the following tips for feeling more refreshed in the morning. You won't have a productive day if you're counting down the hours until you can climb back into bed. You want to be alert, so that you can take on everything that life throws at you. Here are some of the best tips for feeling more refreshed in the morning:

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Only Drink Coffee when You Need It

If you wake up with a cup of coffee every single morning, it's going to stop affecting you. Your body will get used to the caffeine after a few months, and it won't wake you up like it used to do. That's why you should only drink coffee on the mornings that you're extra sleepy. One of the most helpful tips for feeling more refreshed in the morning is to limit the amount of coffee that you drink, because if you gulp down too much, it'll stop helping.


Sleep at the Same Time Each Night

Try to go to bed at the same time each evening and wake up at the same time each morning. Your body will get used to the routine, and it'll make it easier for you to fall asleep at night.


Avoid Eating before Bed

If you eat chocolate or drink soda before bed, you risk becoming hyper. You don't want to be tossing and turning when you should be snoring and dreaming. You'll feel the most refreshed in the morning after getting enough hours of rest, so you shouldn't eat anything that will keep you up too late.


Find the Right Temperature

Think about all of the times that you've woken up from sweating or freezing. When your body temperature drops too low or gets too high it'll wake you up, so you need to fix the problem. If you keep your room at the perfect temperature, then you should have a higher chance of sleeping through the night without interruption.


Eliminate All Noise

It's impossible to control the world around you, but you can try to drown out as much sound as you can. Close your bedroom door, turn on a fan, or purchase earplugs. Do whatever you can to avoid getting woken up by annoying noises outside. Just make sure you'll still be able to hear your alarm clock.


Drink Water

Getting water dumped on your head isn't the only way to wake you up. As soon as you get out of bed, try drinking a glass of water. It should help you feel more alert and ready to take on the day. Plus, there are tons of health benefits, so you'll start the day off right.


Plan Ahead

Have your outfit planned the night before and have your lunch already made. If you wake up with a list of things to do, you'll want to go right back to sleep. If you aren't as stressed, then you won't be so reluctant to crawl out of bed.

You don't want your day to be wasted because you're too busy falling asleep at your desk to focus on the work you need to finish. Use these tips to get a good night's rest, so you're refreshed and ready to go in the morning. What helps you become more alert after you wake up?

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