These Weekend Activities Will Make You Feel More Rested than Ever ...


Weekends are great and after a long week at work most of us look forward to those days when we can do things we really enjoy. If you're finding the week super-stressful then these weekend activities will make you feel more rested than ever and will help you get through the week. Here are some perfect activities to indulge in this weekend.

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Weekends were made for friends. Sure, we work with some great people and some of us are even lucky enough to class our colleagues as friends but weekends were made for catching up with friends and telling them all about the drama of our work week. It's crucial to make time for friends at the weekend and not lose touch with them but it can be easy to do so when life takes hold. Be sure to schedule coffee and lunch dates with your friends as it's one way to feel super rested.



Family is also important and weekends are often the time when we can get together with extended family. In my family, Sundays are the days when the whole family gets together to have Sunday lunch and reminisce about times gone by. Ok, so we may have heard some of the stories a billion times but they never get old and I know there will come a time when I won't hear those stories again. Make the weekends your family time.



Weekends are also made for hobbies. You might have spent the week working hard and using your brain for corporate gain but weekends are the days when you can indulge in some crafting or other hobbies. Whether they involve indoor or outdoor pursuits, weekends are made for doing things you truly enjoy. Some of you might even be lucky enough to have made a living from your hobby but some people can only indulge in it at the weekends and it's one of the ways to feel super rested after a long week.



Weekends were made for exercising and toning that gorgeous bod of yours. Ideally of course, we should be doing this a few times a week but you might have mini-workouts in the week and a more intense one at the weekend. Make the weekend a workout weekend and you'll feel both energised and refreshed.



Catching a movie or two is what weekends were made for too. Whether you go to the cinema and indulge in a super-sized bag of popcorn or catch a couple of movies in the comfort of your own home, they're a great form of escapism. Good or bad, it also gives you something to talk about at work!


Good Food

Weekends were also made for good food. When I say good food, I don't mean take-out, although if you have been cooking all week you might want to treat yourself to a cheeky take-away. Because my week is so busy and I rarely get the chance to cook, the weekends are the time when I can get a range of natural ingredients and make friends with the kitchen.


Mindful Meditation

This isn't just for the weekend and ideally you will be able to get into the habit of mindful meditation every day of the week. Weekends however, are a great time to clear your mind and get rid of the clutter we accumulate every day of our lives. Meditation has been proven to have profound effects on the body and mind and help to ease stress. Take some time out of the weekend to truly indulge yourself in the art of doing nothing and just being.

I love weekends and although they feel like they pass so quickly, it's amazing how much you can actually achieve in one weekend. What makes your perfect weekend and how do you ensure you feel well-rested and ready for the week ahead?

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