7 Tips for Dealing with Moving Back in with Your Parents ...

By Alison

7 Tips for Dealing with Moving Back in with Your Parents ...

For some people, moving back in with your parents may be the perfect solution all round. You get cheaper living costs and a nicer place to live, they get help and company. But all too often, people have to go back to the family home for economic reasons, such as losing their job or needing to save for a deposit. And living with your parents again can be frustrating. Here are some tips on surviving when moving back in with your parents …

1 Time Limit

Moving back in with your parents can be made much more bearable when a clear time limit is set. You'll be better able to cope with the challenges, and they'll know when they're going to have their house to themselves again. Remember that they may not be best pleased to have you back!

2 Fair Contribution

Even if you are moving back to cut costs or save for a deposit, you should still pay a reasonable contribution towards the costs of running the house. Your being there will increase the bills and food costs. Pay your fair share of food bills or buy your own, and don't run up huge heating and electricity bills. Also pay some rent if you are able to do so.

3 Help out

You're not a teenager anymore, so don't expect to have your laundry done and be driven everywhere. In fact, you should help your parents out more since they've been kind enough to have you back. Offer to take over cooking duties a couple of nights a week, run some errands and clean the house. It will definitely be appreciated.

4 Respect Their Home

Yes, this is your family home. But it's primarily your parents' home, and therefore their rules and wishes apply. Be sure not to disturb them in any way, and respect their privacy. It might seem ridiculous to ask permission for your partner to stay over, but check that your parents are ok with that - it's their home, after all.

5 Keep Your Motivation

Moving back home can seem a step backwards, but always keep your motivation in mind. You're doing this for a reason, so remember that goal when you get stressed. Think of what it represents - a chance to get back on your feet financially, or save up for a deposit much faster than you'd otherwise be able to do.

6 Difficult for Everyone

However frustrated you get with your parents, remember that this is going to be difficult for everyone. Your parents have adjusted to you leaving home, and now suddenly you're back again. It's not easy for them either. So try to have some patience with them, and bear in mind that you're a guest in their home, even if you grew up there.

7 Establish Rules

Finally, establish some rules. That doesn't mean that you're being treated like a child; it will be easier for everyone all round if you all know what those rules are. How much will you pay towards living costs? Which jobs will you do around the house? How long will you be staying? What will you do to work towards moving out?

Moving back in with your parents may seem like a step backwards, but sometimes it's the best option for a short period. Have an exit strategy so that none of you go crazy! How would you make living with your parents work?

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we'r always living with our parents until we die we live with together support each other alhamdulilah

live together***

I am currently living with my Grandmother.. My best advice is To do all you can to make them HAPPY. Always help out.

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