Why Having a Roommate is Undeniably Awesome ...


It was so hard to pick just seven, but here are the absolute best things about having a roommate. Whether you’re renting together or boarding, having a roommate is (hopefully!) just like being given a new best friend. You two will basically share lives, so it’s hard not to become close. Pyjama party, anyone?! These are the absolute best things about having a roommate!

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You’ll Never Get Lonely

This easily tops the list of best things about having a roommate. Ever feeling down? You roomie is there to pick you up. Feeling homesick? Give your roommate a hug. You’ll always have someone there to comfort you when you’re sad, or simply to be a friend when you need one. Living alone can make you feel very isolated, and a roommate is a sure-fire remedy.


Sharing Things

Anything from clothes, movies and hair products to advice, secrets and worries. Everything is better shared, and it makes both people happy. Having a roommate essentially means double the fun! Just remember to always ask before borrowing something, or else you might find yourself in a sticky situation.


Study Help

If you just can’t figure out a maths problem, or you need help remembering that quote from Shakespeare, your roommate can be there to lend a hand. People have strengths in different areas, and in a lot of cases your roommate might be good at something you struggle with, and vice versa. If you help her with her homework, chances are she’ll help you with yours.


You Can Share the Costs

Having a roommate means shared expenses, such as food, electricity, water and rent. This also means that things like cable TV and Netflix subscriptions can be shared, saving you heaps of money in the long run. If you are both chipping in equal amounts, you’ll both feel like you’re contributing and you’ll gain a lot of trust in the process.


Chore Buddy

Let’s face it - nobody likes washing windows or cleaning the toilet, but when the chores are shared with someone else, it makes them much less dreadful. Alternate chores each week to make things fair, and not only will you be helping each other out, you’ll be cutting the cleaning time in half. Hooray!


You'll Meet New People

If you and your roommate get along, chances are that you’ll get along well with any of her friends as well. Essentially, you are broadening your social circle and, in turn, making a whole bunch of new friends and creating memories together. Who wouldn’t love that!?


Free Pet-Sitter

If you’ve got a pet that doesn’t like being left at home alone, then having a roommate is the perfect situation, as that is a situation that will happen significantly less often. Your pet will have someone new to play with too, which is great for your pet. Another upshot is if you don’t have a pet of your own but your roommate has one, it’s like having one anyway! She’ll appreciate you looking after her furry friend, and you two can bond over adorable animals. Sounds great!

In summary, roommates are excellent for people who like having friends close-by, and there are so many memories and fun times just waiting to happen. Do you have a roommate? What’s the best thing you’ve found about having one?

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Yes but finding a good trustworthy roommate is so hard .


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