9 Tips for Being More Confident in an Interview ...


Some of the most valuable things I ever learned were tips for being confident in an interview. As a shy teen, I had a hard time coming out of my shell. Then, when I hit 18 years old, I started doing pageants. While I have regrets about doing them many reasons, Iโ€™m very grateful to them for one single thing: they taught me how to ace interviews. In fact, as someone who was terrible on stage at first, learning interview tips became my strong point, and I aced every interview I went into. Later on, I learned how to gain confidence on stage and began winning pageants more often, but interviews were always my strong point. If youโ€™re terrified of interview for jobs, opportunities, or anything else, I have news for you: you can do it! If I could overcome my fear of speaking in front of others, I promise you can too. Try these tips for being confident in an interview that I learned and still use to this day. Before you know it, youโ€™ll do them without even thinking, and interviews will be a breeze!

1. Prepare Beforehand

One of my favorite tips for being confident in an interview is to always prepare beforehand. I used to write down all my ideas on paper that I wanted to be sure to include, any questions I had, and I never memorized a speech or answers. That would only trip me up if I forgot them out of order. Instead, writing down a collective combination of questions and ideas helped me brainstorm before I went into the interview. Then, I felt like there was nothing I couldnโ€™t answer correctly, discuss with knowledge or confidence, or not be prepared for them to ask. I suggest writing down about a page of ideas that they might ask you, or things youโ€™d like to ask, or writing some things down off your resume that you will probably want to discuss in your interview. This is a great way to prepare, brainstorm, and keeps you from having to memorize everything. The more you study your own resume and prepare for questions off it, the more confident youโ€™ll feel when someone asks you about it.

Talk Yourself out of Fear
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