Real Life Tips for Becoming an Expat ...


Real Life Tips for Becoming an Expat ...
Real Life Tips for Becoming an Expat ...

Are you looking for some tips for becoming an expat? Packing up and moving overseas is a huge decision and should not be taken lightly. And for many expats, living in a foreign country is an adventure that often comes after years of researching and planning. Here are some tips for becoming an expat to help make the transition go smoothly.

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Visa Requirements

If you are moving overseas with a company you may get a working visa, but if not be sure to investigate the terms and conditions of getting a visa in your country of interest. If English is your native language, many schools will be in a position to sponsor you. This is one of the most important tips for becoming an expat.


Learn about the Local Culture

Find out about the traditions, language, diet, holidays and legal system of the country of choice. Most countries are considerably different from the United States, so be prepared to experience culture shock.


International Health Insurance

This type of insurance gives you either worldwide or regional medical coverage. It also offers access to a global network of healthcare providers.


Keep an Open Mind

Not everything will be the same as in your home country, but remember you are on an adventure that will allow you to learn, grow and change every day. You will be expanding your horizons and this process requires you to mix and mingle with people from another culture.


Be a Minimalist

Embrace minimalism by selling everything you have except for essentials. Avoid paying for stateside storage because the money will be better spent abroad.

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