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Majors to Choose if You Want to Travel for a Living ...

By Sonya

Are you the kind of person who spends all day scrolling through Instagram, living vicariously through all of the amazing travel bloggers online, then you have probably considered starting the kind of career that could see you doing that for yourself at some point. However, amidst all of your wanderlust, I think it is still really important to get the best education you can before moving on to the next stage of life, but who says that you can combine the two? Here are the majors to choose if you want to travel for a living.

1 Nursing

Nursing is a skill that you can make use of wherever you happen to go in the world. Travelling to far-flung countries and using your nursing abilities to volunteer at the same time is something that a lot of people are choosing to do these days, and there are plenty of medical professions that give the opportunity to travel and care all over the globe.

2 International Business

It makes sense to major in something with international in the title if you plan to be an international citizen in the future! The great thing is that the majority of international business programs offer lots of opportunities to study abroad for a semester or year, so you can get a taste of travel even before you have finished your degree.

3 International Relations

The very same thing goes for international relations. Opportunity for travel is rife within this sector, not to mention the fact that you could be travelling to head to work for an extremely worthy cause. It is the perfect college major for someone who is looking to make a real difference in the world, especially in places outside of their immediate culture.

4 English

Here’s the thing, studying English can be a solid step to opening up opportunities for travel because once you have those technical skills, you can pretty much fly to any corner of the globe and find a place that wants and needs English as a foreign language teachers. The world literally becomes your oyster!

5 Photography

What's better than travelling around the world and getting paid for the photos that you would be taking whether you had a proper job or not? Of course, you need some level of natural talent to become a great photographer, but it’s a super cool major to have if that is your dream, and the extra education and skill will definitely help you to be a more professional international photographer.

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