7 Tips for a Cluttered Wardrobe ...


7 Tips for a Cluttered Wardrobe ...
7 Tips for a Cluttered Wardrobe ...

Many homes contain a cluttered wardrobe - or several. Instead of organising our messy closets, we cram the clothes in until the wardrobe screams for mercy. Some people even buy more wardrobes, which then end up equally as messy. Girls, if you're recognising yourself and your home here, it's time to get organised! So here are my 7 tips to clean up that cluttered wardrobe …

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Stopping Shopping

The first step in getting those messy closets sorted is to stop shopping. It's no good bringing more clothes in before you've even begun getting organised. So stay away from the shops for now. You might actually find that you have so many clothes that you don't need anything new (most shopping is for things we want, not need).


Name and Shame

Now you need to find out what you have cluttering up your closet. It's often said that we only wear 20% of our clothes - probably because we don't actually know what's in there anymore! Do you have any idea - or would you be surprised to find that you own 10 black dresses and 15 pairs of jeans? It's time to identify the contents; once you know what's in there, you can decide what fits, what suits you and what really has to go.


Enlist Help

Are you so overwhelmed by the state of your cluttered wardrobe that you just don't know where to begin? Then get a friend to help you out. Friends are likely to be much tougher than you are, as they have no emotional attachment to your possessions. Also they can tell you what does and doesn't suit you - and don't be offended when they tell you the truth!


Be Ruthless

It is a universal truth that in the average wardrobe, there are many garments that no longer fit or are past their best. I'm all for getting as much wear as possible out of clothes, but there comes the point when every item is fit for the garbage. If you hope to turn chaos into order, a ruthless attitude is required. So donate or recycle anything that doesn't fit, is worn out or looks wrong on you. We want clothes that complement us!



Having mercilessly weeded out everything old, unflattering or that doesn't fit, you should be left with a decent wardrobe (if you're left with nothing, then perhaps you could join a naturists' colony). Now it's time to organise what remains. Get boxes, dividers, shoe racks and any kind of organiser that you could make use of. Arrange everything sensibly, and then when you want to find something, it'll be easy to locate in your new tidy closet.



Now that you have reformed your cluttered wardrobe, you'll want to keep it that way. It needs ongoing maintenance! So put everything away after washing and ironing; hang items up and fold sweaters and t-shirts. Don't fall back into your old habits and just throw everything on a shelf.


Avoid Refilling!

My final tip is a mantra that you should repeat to yourself whenever you're tempted to go shopping. 'I must not buy lots more clothes!' has to be followed, otherwise you'll end up refilling your closet in no time at all and be back to square one with the clutter. So, if you want to maintain your good work and avoid getting buried under collapsing shelves, don't replace everything you threw out!

Clearing out a cluttered wardrobe can be quite rewarding. Not only will you find it easier to find things you want, but you may even locate some lost treasures that you'd forgotten about! The problem with messy closets is that you can't possibly remember what's in them, much less find things easily, and that's a waste of both time and storage space. What are your closets like - utterly organised or disastrously disordered?

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