7 Thought-Provoking Broadway Musicals ...


Some of my favorite Broadway musicals are those that not only showcase amazing song and dance numbers, but also make a powerful statement about life. From the chilling Jekyll & Hyde to the family-friendly Wicked, these performances are guaranteed to both entertain and make you think. Read on for a quick look at just a few of the thought-provoking Broadway musicals I especially love.

1. Les Miserables

By far one of the most iconic Broadway musicals of our time, Les Miserables tackles tough issues like poverty, revolution and the fine line that exists between right and wrong, all while showcasing such well-known songs as “I Dreamed a Dream” and “On My Own.” And if you’re thinking about skipping a trip to the theater just because you’ve already seen the movie, please don’t! Seeing this musical performed live on stage is nothing short of an amazing experience, whether or not you also took in the recent big-screen production.

Miss Saigon
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