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This is What Will Make You the Favorite among the Kids You Love ...

By Olga

Ask any kid what they want as a gift and you'll get a long list of all their coveted items. Make things easier on yourself by choosing gifts that all kids love and you'll always be the hero. And you won't even have to decide among the hundreds of items that your kids want or "need." The gifts on this list are ideal for your own kids or for kids you buy for on a regular basis. Get ready for some fun!

Table of contents:

  1. Travel dominoe with muslin bag
  2. Playable art cube
  3. Glerups kids white model e
  4. Learning resources uppercase alphabet sand molds, set of 26
  5. Waba fun kinetic sand - 2.2 pounds
  6. Lego city police heavy-lift helicopter 4439
  7. Dado cubes
  8. Kid o stack and nest cups (cool colors)
  9. Girard alphabet blocks
  10. Brinca dada constructures, 51 pieces
  11. 8 piece tegu pocket pouch magnetic wooden block set
  12. Crayon rocks, sixteen colors
  13. Grimm's color charts rally building blocks set, 72 pcs
  14. Prism triad box kite, spectrum
  15. The art of nature, coloring book
  16. Lego city 4200 mining 4x4
  17. How to make origami airplanes that fly
  18. Wonderworld rolling tik tok
  19. Bruder steyr cvt tractor model
  20. Mattel back to the future hoverboard
  21. Wee gallery art cards for baby, jungle collection
  22. Evolution: a coloring book
  23. Sculpey iii polymer clay color sampler, multicolor
  24. The coloring book
  25. My cut-out pictures
  26. Lego racers lamborghini gallardo
  27. Motor max: b-2 stealth bomber scale 1:144
  28. Ravensburger the earth, 540 piece puzzleball
  29. Naef quadrigo
  30. Naef cella, blue
  31. Lego storage head
  32. Alexander girard memory game
  33. 52 piece tegu original magnetic wooden block set, natural
  34. Melissa & doug deluxe wooden cutting fruit crate
  35. Classic etch a sketch magic screen
  36. Eightbit skateboard, nova / fury
  37. Original buddha board, master the art of letting go
  38. Grimm's small rainbow nesting wooden blocks stacker, "elements" of nature: air
  39. Lego architecture fallingwater
  40. Wooden city & town village of large houses
  41. Hanno jr. by david weeks
  42. Uncle goose wood alphabet factory blocks
  43. Time timer, 8 inch
  44. Indie rock coloring book
  45. Melissa & doug 60-piece standard unit blocks
  46. Moon, earth and galaxy night lights
  47. Playforever mini speedy le mans
  48. Blocks & marbles standard set
  49. Aerobieв® superdisc
  50. The perplexing x in a box
  51. Miller goodman - facemaker
  52. Penny pastel skateboard, 22-inch, lemon/mint/lilac
  53. Space shuttle f/s discovery - 1/200 scale model
  54. Kikkerland log head cushion
  55. Brinca dada bimodal blocks
  56. Autoart honda city turbo ii
  57. Miller goodman shapemaker
  58. Free play magnatab magnetic drawing tablet
  59. Kikkerland crystal crayons, set of 6
  60. Areaware cubebot medium
  61. Handtrux backhoe set of 2
  62. Hape color and shape sorter
  63. Areaware alphabet block set
  64. (20x28) natural history butterflies decorative decoupage vintage style paper poster print
  65. Rawlings official league baseball 5 oz
  66. Bucky the deer recycled cardboard sculpture
  67. Tegu tints pocket pouch prism, 6 pieces w/ felt pouch
  68. Lego imperial all terrain scout transport (at-st)
  69. Buddy carr gp30 complete skateboard (8 x 30-inch)
  70. Maple wood yo-yo
  71. Eightbit skateboard, surf / jelly
  72. Build-on brick mug, bpa-free 12oz coffee mug
  73. Magnetic poetry kit - original
  74. Bruder toys land rover defender station wagon
  75. 3b scientific plastic human skull model
  76. Shoot-the-moon board game
  77. Foam magnets, pattern blocks
  78. Lego architecture united nations headquarters
  79. Go: a kidd's guide to graphic design
  80. Marky sparky wahoo ride-on, pink
  81. The giving tree
  82. Fao schwarz 11 inch plush pink flamingo
  83. Accoutrements giant googly eyes
  84. Plan toy water blocks
  85. Doodle cook
  86. Lego city town dirt bike transporter 4433

1 Travel Dominoe with Muslin Bag

$35 on Amazon
Dominoes is a classic game that kids these days don't know how to play. This classic wooden set will be so much fun to learn with.

2 Playable ART Cube

$20 on Amazon
Even older kids will love creating new and colorful creations with these sturdy and bright cubes.

3 Glerups Kids White Model E

$40 on Amazon
Know a fashionable little kid? Indulge the love of dressing with these cozy and soft little booties.

4 Learning Resources Uppercase Alphabet Sand Molds, Set of 26

$53 on Amazon
Got an emerging reader and speller on your hands? These letter toys are fun in the sand or in the water.

5 Waba Fun Kinetic Sand - 2.2 Pounds

$15 on Amazon
Sand you can play with indoors? What kid isn't going to love that? Build a sand castle in the winter for hours of fun and laughs.

6 LEGO City Police Heavy-Lift Helicopter 4439

$56 on Amazon
A future officer will love imaging his life on the job while he pieces together the blocks in this fun set.

7 Dado Cubes

$30 on Amazon
Here's another great toy that older kids will enjoy just as much as the younger set. It's a challenge to create new creations that stay standing.

8 Kid O Stack and Nest Cups (Cool Colors)

$10 on Amazon
Stacking is a great skill for toddlers and they'll be proficient at it in no time with these bright rainbow stacking cubes.

9 Girard Alphabet Blocks

$100 on Amazon
Spell anything in your vocabulary with these modern alphabet blocks.

10 Brinca Dada Constructures, 51 Pieces

$60 on Amazon
You know how much fun knocking over dominoes is, right? Teach your child the wonders with this fun wooden set.

11 8 Piece Tegu Pocket Pouch Magnetic Wooden Block Set

$35 on Amazon
These blocks stick together with magnets so the possibilities are endless when it comes to stacking them up. The soft carrying case allows you to take them on the go.

12 Crayon Rocks, Sixteen Colors

$9 on Amazon
Make coloring even more fun with these fun rock shaped crayons. The sixteen colors will turn any page into a masterpiece.

13 Grimm's Color Charts Rally Building Blocks Set, 72 Pcs

$83 on Amazon
There are virtually hundreds of great things kids can do with these blocks.

14 Prism Triad Box Kite, Spectrum

$17 on Amazon
Go fly a kite! Your child will love watching this colorful kite swirl and dip in the wind.

15 The Art of Nature, Coloring Book

$13 on Amazon
Foster a child's love of animals and nature with this detailed coloring book featuring flora and fauna in lifelike splendor.

16 LEGO City 4200 Mining 4x4

$17 on Amazon
Legos are a crowd pleaser! This fun mining set is sure to be enjoyed for years to come.

17 How to Make Origami Airplanes That Fly

$6 on Amazon
Kids love creating things and this tutorial will result in some outstanding paper airplanes.

18 Wonderworld Rolling Tik Tok

$12 on Amazon
Little ones will love chasing this rolling toy around the room while watching the colors rotate.

19 Bruder Steyr CVT Tractor Model

$47 on Amazon
Boys will love pretending that they are doing stunts and tricks while they drive this sweet tractor around.

20 Mattel Back to the Future Hoverboard

$470 on Amazon
Back to the Future lovers unite! This fun toy will make the girls on your list squeal with glee.

21 Wee Gallery Art Cards for Baby, Jungle Collection

$13 on Amazon
Give babies something fun to look at with these fun contrast cards.

22 Evolution: a Coloring Book

$11 on Amazon
Make coloring a brand new experience with this coloring book full of great images.

23 Sculpey III Polymer Clay Color Sampler, Multicolor

$26 on Amazon
With all these colors, there is nothing your favorite kid can't build from this clay.

24 The Coloring Book

$14 on Amazon
Abstract art is fascinating to kids and this coloring book indulges that.

25 My Cut-out Pictures

$15 on Amazon
This book will give emerging cutters lots of practice with the scissors, but it also fun to older kids.

26 LEGO Racers Lamborghini Gallardo

$390 on Amazon
This sports car is the perfect color and can entertain any kid for hours.

27 Motor Max: B-2 Stealth Bomber Scale 1:144

$31 on Amazon
Building models is something that many kids love and this one is sure to become a favorite in the collection.

28 Ravensburger the Earth, 540 Piece Puzzleball

$28 on Amazon
This puzzle will take a while to put together, but the memories created while doing so will never be forgotten.

29 Naef Quadrigo

$170 on Amazon
Puzzlers won't be able to get enough of trying to figure this out.

30 Naef Cella, Blue

$205 on Amazon
Put together a ton of different creations with these great interlocking blocks that can be refigured in tons of ways.

31 LEGO Storage Head

$22 on Amazon
Parents will thank you forever when you gift this because it will eliminate the worry of stepping on a Lego. That hurts!

32 Alexander Girard Memory Game

$12 on Amazon
This grown up game of memory is played the same way, but the pictures are sophisticated and cultural.

33 52 Piece Tegu Original Magnetic Wooden Block Set, Natural

$125 on Amazon
Love magnetic blocks? Here's another set to indulge the game of creation.

34 Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Cutting Fruit Crate

$16 on Amazon
Tiny chefs and shoppers will love playing with this crate full of fruit.

35 Classic Etch a Sketch Magic Screen

$22 on Amazon
This classic toy will continue to delight kids for generations to come.

36 EightBit Skateboard, Nova / Fury

$34 on Amazon
Let your favorite kid test their balance on this small skateboard.

37 Original Buddha Board, Master the Art of Letting Go

$35 on Amazon
Artist children will never be able to thank you enough for this fun toy.

38 Grimm's Small Rainbow Nesting Wooden Blocks Stacker, "Elements" of Nature: AIR

$22 on Amazon
This totally unique and modern set of building blocks are fun for kids and parents alike.

39 LEGO Architecture Fallingwater

$100 on Amazon
Build things to scale wit these great themed Lego sets that older kids will really get a kick out of.

40 Wooden City & Town Village of Large Houses

$100 on Amazon
Whether you build one house or a whole village, your time will be enjoyable.

41 Hanno Jr. by David Weeks

$70 on Amazon
What could be more fun than this wooden gorilla toy?

42 Uncle Goose Wood Alphabet Factory Blocks

$75 on Amazon
Babies love contrast toys so these blocks are great for the little ones on your list.

43 Time Timer, 8 Inch

$25 on Amazon
Time anything you need to with this fun clock. Kids will love waiting for the bell.

44 Indie Rock Coloring Book

$7 on Amazon
Here's a coloring book that parents and kids can enjoy together. Awesome!

45 Melissa & Doug 60-Piece Standard Unit Blocks

$50 on Amazon
These standard building blocks are great for toddlers and preschoolers.

46 Moon, Earth and Galaxy Night Lights

$11 on Amazon
Turn a kid's room into his own personal planetarium with this great night light.

47 Playforever Mini Speedy Le Mans

$30 on Amazon
This sleek toy will make any kid dream of being a famous race car driver.

48 Blocks & Marbles Standard Set

$33 on Amazon
Watch marbles fly down the track with this natural wooden set.

49 AerobieВ® Superdisc

$9 on Amazon
This fun Frisbee takes the game to an entirely new level.

50 The Perplexing X in a Box

$5 on Amazon
This puzzle toy will challenge the mind of any kid you give it to.

51 Miller Goodman - FaceMaker

$75 on Amazon
There are so many images you can make with these fun blocks.

52 Penny Pastel Skateboard, 22-Inch, Lemon/Mint/Lilac

$94 on Amazon
Let any girl indulge her love of boarding with this fun skateboard.

53 Space Shuttle F/S Discovery - 1/200 Scale Model

$100 on Amazon
Know a budding astronomer? This gift is the ultimate gift choice.

54 Kikkerland Log Head Cushion

$16 on Amazon
This fun pillow that looks like a log is sure to get loads of laughs.

55 Brinca Dada BiModal Blocks

$55 on Amazon
Ensure that your favorite kid uses his imagination all the time with this open ended set of building blocks.

56 Autoart Honda City Turbo II

$130 on Amazon
Every kid dreams of the day he'll drive a car. Give him lots to imagine with this fun toy car.

57 Miller Goodman ShapeMaker

$75 on Amazon
Use these blocks to create pictures and patterns that are never the same twice.

58 Free Play Magnatab Magnetic Drawing Tablet

$20 on Amazon
Artists will love this portable drawing pad that allows them to create anytime and anywhere.

59 Kikkerland Crystal Crayons, Set of 6

$7 on Amazon
Let your kid uncover buried treasure with these gem shaped crayons.

60 Areaware Cubebot Medium

$16 on Amazon
This friend will make kids young and old jump up and down for joy.

61 Handtrux Backhoe Set of 2

$41 on Amazon
Make digging in the dirt even more fun with this handheld backhoe. Fun!

62 Hape Color and Shape Sorter

$13 on Amazon
Learning shapes and colors will be so much fun with this great little toy.

63 Areaware Alphabet Block Set

$56 on Amazon
This set of alphabet blocks is like nothing you've ever seen.

64 (20x28) Natural History Butterflies Decorative Decoupage Vintage Style Paper Poster Print

$10 on Amazon
Any kid will spend hours staring at this butterfly poster. There's so much to see and learn.

65 Rawlings Official League Baseball 5 Oz

$5 on Amazon
Play a little toss with this official baseball.

66 Bucky the Deer Recycled Cardboard Sculpture

$27 on Amazon
Turn any kid's room into an animal lover's paradise with this wall hanging. No hunting needed!

67 Tegu Tints Pocket Pouch Prism, 6 Pieces W/ Felt Pouch

$30 on Amazon
Need a toy you can take on the go? This is sure to become a favorite.

68 LEGO Imperial All Terrain Scout Transport (at-ST)

$475 on Amazon
This one is an indulgence, but will be so worth it.

69 Buddy Carr GP30 Complete Skateboard (8 X 30-Inch)

$210 on Amazon
This kid sized skateboard will be great for getting some exercise and having some fun.

70 Maple Wood Yo-Yo

$6 on Amazon
Every kids wants to learn to play with a yo-yo. This natural wood one is perfect.

71 EightBit Skateboard, Surf / Jelly

$50 on Amazon
Girls will love the fun colors of this skateboard.

72 Build-on Brick Mug, BPA-free 12oz Coffee Mug

$18 on Amazon
Drinking hot cocoa with your favorite kid will never be as fun as it is with this mug.

73 Magnetic Poetry Kit - Original

$16 on Amazon
If you have the next William Wordsworth on your guest list, this poetry kit is a great choice.

74 Bruder Toys Land Rover Defender Station Wagon

$29 on Amazon
Truck enthusiasts will love what this toy has to offer.

75 3B Scientific Plastic Human Skull Model

$88 on Amazon
Kids who love to learn will get so much out of this human skull model.

76 Shoot-the-Moon Board Game

$25 on Amazon
This board game is unlike anything you'll ever play, but that's what makes it so perfect.

77 Foam Magnets, Pattern Blocks

$14 on Amazon
Make patterns of any kind with this collection of foam blocks.

78 LEGO Architecture United Nations Headquarters

$48 on Amazon
Build an actual building with this complete set of Legos.

79 Go: a Kidd's Guide to Graphic Design

$15 on Amazon
Any kid that loves comic books will devour this book about creating their own graphic images.

80 Marky Sparky Wahoo Ride-on, Pink

$45 on Amazon
Little ones will fit just right on this adorable dog toy.

81 The Giving Tree

$12 on Amazon
This classic book will be a much loved tome for kids of all ages,

82 FAO Schwarz 11 Inch Plush Pink Flamingo

$25 on Amazon
What kid doesn't need a huge stuffed flamingo?

83 Accoutrements Giant Googly Eyes

$7 on Amazon
Want to make a kid laugh? Give them giant googly eyes.

84 Plan Toy Water Blocks

$44 on Amazon
These blocks have colored water in them that shifts and moves as kids build with them.

85 Doodle Cook

$12 on Amazon
Cooking and drawing come together in this epic gift that older kids will adore.

86 LEGO City Town Dirt Bike Transporter 4433

$33 on Amazon
Building is a all ages activity and this set lets you get it done right.

Which one is your favorite? Know any kids who will love it as much as you do?

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