Important Essentials to Keep in Your Car at All Times ...


Important Essentials to Keep in Your Car at All Times  ...
Important Essentials to Keep in Your Car at All Times  ...

There are several things you should keep in your car at all times. We often jump in the car with just our purse, cell phone, and half a tank of gas. The truth is, we need a lot more in our car than just that. Some of these items depend on the season and where you live. Think ahead. Will you be on a long road trip? Do you live in an area with tough winters like Syracuse, NY? Are you driving through tornado alley during the spring or summer? You also never know when you are going to break down so read more and head on into our list of 34 things you should keep in your car at all times.

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Charged Cell Phone

Before you get in the car make sure your mobile phone is fully charged. If you’re just going down the road, say five minutes to the grocery store, be sure it’s at least 80% charged.


First Aid Kit

Keep it inside of the car where it’s reachable.


Fire Extinguisher

You never know when you're going to need it.


Tire Gauge

Because overfilling your tires can be dangerous.


Foam Tire Sealant

For a flat tire on the road.


Jumper Cables

So you don't have to ask some creepy guy to borrow his.


Three Reflective Triangles

If your car breaks down at night you’ll need a triangle in the front, side, and back of your car.


Flashlight and Extra Batteries

Be sure to get a lantern or flashlight with a strong, flood setting.


Work Gloves

You don't want to mess up your manicure.



Car jobs can get dirty.


Duct Tape

Just like it says in the movie, duct tape really fixes almost anything.


Tow Rope

You never know...


Swiss Army Knife

Good for so many things.



No one wants to change a tire or walk to the nearest gas station in the rain.



You need water in all seasons.


Non Perishable Snacks

Keep these in your car. If you eat them be sure to replace them the same day. Protein snacks or a bag of pretzels are good ideas.


Warm Blanket

Just in case you get stranded in cold weather.



Keep a shovel in your car for the ice and snow.


Cat Litter

Cat litter makes for great traction to get out of the slippery snow.


Ice Scraper

This comes in handy anywhere if it has snowed on your car.


Window Breaker

It may seem like a scene out of a movie, but if your car ever crashes into the water you want to immediately pop the windows with a window breaker. This quickly becomes a life or death situation. A window breaker gives you a much higher chance of survival, but act quickly.


Extra Tire

If you get a flat and don’t know how to change your own tire, be sure to only get help from a certified agent such as one from AAA. They will come in a labeled truck and you can ask to see their ID.


Windshield Wiper Fluid

You don't want to run out of this stuff.


Engine Oil

Be sure to check your car’s engine oil and refill when necessary.


USB Mobile Device Charger

Especially for those hours-long car trips.



If you are going to hit heavy traffic, such as after a sports match or concert or when going on a long road trip or incoming foul weather is going to happen, such as a snowstorm or tornado watch be sure to keep your medication in your car. Grab it and put it in the car before you go off to where you need to be. If you have to go to work in the morning and they’re calling for definite or even possible severe weather around the time you get out of work just bring your medication to work with you.


Change of Clothes

This is especially a good idea for your children if you have any.



If you have little children it doesn’t matter if you’re heading just two minutes down the road and the car seats are usually in the other SUV. A car seat must always be in your car. Be sure to follow the laws. Infants need to be rear facing. A five-point harness is best. Always be sure on long road trips to have someone sit in the back to monitor your baby’s breathing. An infant can easily slide down in the car seat (they are squirmy little guys) and sadly choke to death.


Toilet Roll and Empty Coffee Container

Well, it’s about to get very au naturel, but if you’ve ever been stuck on the highway after a six-car pileup and you’re sitting there with the engine off for three hours and you need to go, well you’re going to go about anywhere at that point. Plus, holding it in for a very long time can lead to medical complications, and serious ones at that.


A Tool Kit

For any kind of repair that you need to make.


A Gas Can

Just in case you run out of gas somewhere.


A Weather Radio

For bad weather.


Printed Maps

Be sure you know how to read them. Map reading is a skill they should still be teaching children in school.


A Jar of Quarters

You never know when you’ll have to pay a parking meter. Best to just keep a jar of quarters in your car.

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