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7 Handy Things to Carry in Your Wallet ...

By Jenny

There are so many awesome gadgets, tools and other things to carry in your wallet! Most people take their wallet with them EVERYWHERE, so what better place to keep some essentials (and maybe not so essentials). These are all of the amazing things to carry in your wallet that you may never have seen before but should definitely take a look at!

1 Credit Card Light Bulb

Credit Card Light Bulb**

Of all the necessary things to carry in your wallet, this one has to top my list. I cannot count the number of times I have been left wishing I had a light handy but was left in the dark. With this nifty little credit card sized light bulb, you’ll always have light at your fingertips. It slides cleanly into the credit card spot on your wallet and it only turns on when you flip the light bulb up. This is so perfect for walking home in the dark or roadside emergencies. It’s not the brightest light in the world, but it’s exceptionally convenient and gives off enough light so that you can see in front of you. Find it on ThinkGeek for $4.99.

2 Multi-Tool


With a knife edge, saw blade, several wrench positions and a bottle opener as well as a few other wonderful to have tools all-in-one, this is a must-have for any wallet! Who knows what kind of situations you’ll end up in when you least expect it? Keep this super thin, incredibly useful tool in your wallet for easy access to all of these useful devices! Amazon has it for $3.50.

3 IPhone or Android ChargeCard

IPhone or Android ChargeCard**

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been out shopping or away from home, and noticed that my phone battery was nearly dead. It isn’t always convenient to charge it in your car and you can’t always find an available outlet to re-charge. This miraculous little contraption is a real life saver! You charge this card and fold it up to keep it in your wallet, where it will stay until the next time you need it! It’s essentially a back up battery you can easily carry with you at all times! It is currently only available for iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and Android. At only $25 dollars (and free shipping!!) from, everyone should have at least one!

4 Carzor


Now I’m sure these were designed and made for men, but how many times have you been out in your gorgeous skirt or pretty dress and you look down to see a few stray hairs you missed while shaving your legs? How many times have you gone out without shaving and suddenly your friend suggests hitting the pool? Wouldn’t it be amazing to ALWAYS have a razor with you for those situations? I will definitely be getting one of these, I think they are a wonderful idea! It's $9.99 at Infmetry.

5 Credit Card Sized Flash Drive

Credit Card Sized Flash Drive**

My sister, my mom and I are always passing photos between the three of us, but sometimes I forget to bring my flash drive to snag the photos I want from their computers. Emailing is always an option, but when there are 30-50 pictures, who wants to sit there and email them 5 at a time? Not this chick, that’s for sure! So I bought one of these great credit card flash drives and I keep it in my wallet at all times so that I know right where it is any time I need it! Get one for $9.99 from Amazon.

6 Credit Card Cutlery

Credit Card Cutlery**

Okay, I know it may seem a bit silly for anyone who isn’t camping to just randomly be carrying eating utensils around with them at all times, but there have been several times throughout the years that I’ve wished I had an extra fork or spoon on me. I wouldn’t have been at such a loss if I had had this cool little set tucked into my wallet. Find it at The Shop for Cooper Hewitt for $7.00.

7 Spare Key Storage

Spare Key Storage**

Have you ever had to climb through a window to get into your house because you accidentally locked yourself out? Have you ever locked your keys in your car? Think of all the hassle you could avoid if you bought one of these key storage cards. You just tuck your house and car keys into the plastic and pop them in your wallet. Any time you need a spare, there they are! Scope them on Amazon for $1.50.

These awesome things to carry in your wallet are just fantastic! If you have enough credit card slots in yours, you can carry ALL of these interesting gadgets and have everything you need right in your pocket or purse! What amazing things do you carry in your wallet?

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