7 Things You Should Forgive Yourself for No Matter How Difficult ...


We are all so hard on ourselves sometimes, and we forget that there are things you should forgive yourself for. We get so caught up in life and what our society’s expectations are that we lose ourselves. Keep being positive and working toward what makes you happy, and along the way make sure to let the past go. We too often get down on ourselves too easily! These are all things you should forgive yourself for right now.

1. Not Knowing Your Future

This is number one of all the things you should forgive yourself for, as this brings a lot of people down. This is OK! Not everyone knows what they want to do with their future, and this is the last thing you should feel down about. Yes, of course you should be striving to work toward a future, but there are still people figuring that out at every age. Don't give yourself such a hard time in this category, and take it slow while figuring out what you love and what your passion is.

Not Feeling Worthy
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