23 Things You Learn when Hanging out with a 23-Year-Old ✌️ ...

My wife has a BFF at work. For the purposes of this article, we'll call her Kaylee – mainly because that's her name. Normally, one might refer to Kaylee as Heather's work wife, except that Kaylee is 23 and often refers to Heather as her work mom (which kind of makes me want to smack her – sorry, K – but that's all right). Anyway, I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Kaylee, marking the first time I've hung out with a 23-year-old since I myself was in my early 20s. Why is this article-worthy? Because young twentysomethings get so much crap right now. They're painted with a broad brush that uses a horrifying color palette and I think it's a shame. I know this is only anecdotal – this is one 23-year-old among millions, if not billions. Spending time with her was delightful, though, and it changed my perspective.

1. Everybody Seems to Think 23-year-olds Are Stupid

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Actually, by today's standards, if you're younger than 25, you apparently don't know anything about anything.

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