7 Things You do That Utterly and Completely Annoy People around You ...


7 Things You do That Utterly and Completely Annoy People around You ...
7 Things You do That Utterly and Completely Annoy People around You ...

So, you've accidentally said something that rubbed someone the wrong way, maybe got under their skin, and are left in an awkward situation not knowing what to do next. We've all been there. If you're realizing a pattern and that your same actions are bothering different people, it's time for a change. Here are 7 bad habits that we all need to work on.

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Saying "um"

person, face, hair, hairstyle, long hair, Your great story can be ruined by these annoying pauses. It's distracting and can make your story appear much less interesting. I know it's hard to not say um all the time, especially if you're talking in front of a lot of people and have a fear of public speaking. An easy way to fix this is pausing silently to collect your thoughts--you'll appear much more put together.


Whining and Complaining

person, Why, does, everything, happen, You're tired, it's too hot or too cold, and you have a headache. When you're at work or school and constantly around the same people, you don't want this to be the only thing people ever remember you talking about. Don't constantly verbalize these gripes, which can make you seem overly negative and full of complaints.


Cutting People off While Talking

face, hair, person, nose, blond, You think you're just giving a little bit of input, but others see it as interrupting. I know the feeling of when I'm so excited about a topic and want everyone to know my thoughts and opinions. It's good to stop in mid-sentence and apologize for the interruption. This will help break your habit.


Ending Texts with a Period

New Orleans Saints, text, finger, hand, brand, You think you're just ending a sentence, but in the texting world it can come off as harsh and insincere. I've got the perfect solution for this. Try ending with an emoji or two and it'll show your emotions much better than punctuation.


Canceling Plans Last Minute

face, hair, human action, nose, cheek, Not showing after agreeing on meeting up is extremely annoying, especially if it becomes routine. You could be seen as unreliable and flaky, which is so not you. Keep every promise you make and you will be remembered as the accountable one.


Looking at Your Phone

human hair color, hair, blond, face, mouth, If your eyes are glued to your screen when out with friends, it looks like you're wanting to be elsewhere. Social media is everything, but Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can wait. Put the technology away and listen to others, maintain eye contact, and be in the moment.


Blaming Someone else

color, cartoon, art, mural, anime, Deflecting the blame and looking to someone else when things go wrong show that you can't own up to your actions. Acknowledge your wrongdoings, fix your mistakes, and prevent the same things from happening again. This will show that you are the mature and accountable person in a situation.

All of these tips will save you from being "that" person, even if you do have the best of intentions. If you're guilty of constantly committing these social faux pas, make a list of what you want to work on. Pay attention to your behaviors and what you wish to change. A little self improvement never hurt anyone.

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