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5 Totally Real Things to do after Sending a Nude Photo ...

By Natalie

You might be surprised at the power of social media and the impact it can have on many lives, especially when you find yourself in a “situation.”

That kind of situation.

It is the one where you are debating if the walk of shame is worse than sending out a nude picture.


Here's what to do after sending a nude photo.

1 Apologize

This one sounds lame and cliché, but sending out an apology text when you are conscious or in a less embarrassed state of mind is the adult thing to do. Plus, you will feel a lot better.

2 Drop It

If you do send out an apology text or call, just be prepared that this person (or people - depending on how enthusiastic you were - might not respond back).


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3 Delete That Text

Just do it, especially if you are mortified or want to break your phone in half.

4 Pretend It Never Happened

This one actually plays a bigger effect on the relationship or whoever you sent it to. Trust me, if you were drunk while sending that photo, the person may understand.

5 Ask for One in Return

Like, it does not hurt to try right?

Whether you were drunk or not when sending out that picture, there is always hope that it is possible to jump back and recover. After all, you must have sent out that sort of picture for a reason.

Have no shame and do not let a “situation” like this consume your ego. It happens. You will laugh about it weeks or - most likely - years from now.

And if you just happened to send a nudie picture out to someone you like…trust me, they will eventually talk to you. Otherwise, they are an idiot!

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