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5 Things to Consider before Starting Treadmill Exercise with Your Dog ...

By Ashlee

There are lots of things to consider before treadmill exercising your dog. Exercising can leave you feeling refreshed and working out comes with several health benefits. Why not give your dog the same healthy life? When it comes to managing your busy schedule you might be concerned about how to ensure your dog can be active. You should consider treadmill exercising classes as an option for your dog's fitness. Here are five things to consider before treadmill exercising your dog.

1 The Dog is in Control

This is probably the most important of the many things to consider before treadmill exercising your dog. There are treadmills that are designed specifically for dogs. On some treadmills, dogs can control their speed by running faster or slowing down. This can be particularly helpful when testing out how comfortable the dog is on the treadmill. You can also pay attention to whether your dog prefers to walk or run.

2 Professional Trainers

Across the United States, there are local dog treadmill exercise programs. Many are offered by professional trainers. With an expert on dog health, you can talk about any concerns and they can talk to you about tips regarding your dog's exercise.


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3 Mentally and Physically Beneficial

Walking on the treadmill will help the dog work on their balance and alertness allowing them to move quicker and easier. There is a chance there will be with other dogs, which will increase their social skills. The trainers can also help dogs who need rehabilitation or are over anxious.

4 Controlled Exercise Environments

Instead of worrying about your dog getting overheated you can rest assured knowing your dog will be safe in an air conditioned environment. Along with controlling the temperature, you can also be sure their paws are okay as the ground will not be too hot or too cold for their paws. In addition, if you communicate with the trainer you can schedule solo sessions in case you are unsure about how your dog will react to other dogs.

5 All Dogs Are Welcome

No matter what your dog's size or ability, their treadmill exercise can be moderated and accommodating. Typical workouts range from twenty to thirty minutes depending on the dog's age, ability, and drive. Make sure you encourage your dog during their workout. The overall the goal is to make sure your furry friend is well and happy.

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