10 Things That Should Be on Your College Bucket List ...


Now that I have graduated college and am in the real world, I'm so happy to look back and know that I completed just about everything on my college bucket list! When people say to enjoy college because "it's the best four years of your life," they aren't joking. College is the last real time in life where you can be immature, irresponsible, and have tons of fun before heading to the work force. I'm here to share some of the things I believe every college student should have on their college bucket list.

1. Live on Campus

Living on campus definitely taught me the most lessons (both good and bad) out of everything on this college bucket list. I learned how to do laundry and cook for myself. I also learned that living with a roommate can be both a nightmare and a great experience. Plus, I met the majority of my friends in college from living with them in the dorms! There's a sort of bond that you will have with the people you live with and see every day, that exceeds the bond of high school relationships you've made so far in your life. Knowing that your friend is right down the hall if you ever need them is a great feeling! At first you may feel home sick, but trust me, once you adjust you will never want to go home!

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