7 Things Only People with Glasses Can Relate to ...


For people with glasses who weren’t blessed with 20/20 vision, life can get a little complicated in certain aspects. Although they grant us the ability to see, they always stand in our way of doing normal things that other people have no problem doing. Nonetheless, we learn how to deal with those inconveniences no matter how bothersome they may be. In order to let those frustrations out, here are 7 things only people with glasses can relate to.

1. Having to Constantly Push Your Glasses up

It can get a little ridiculous with the amount of times we have to push our glasses up on a daily basis! We get so accustomed to that action that we forget how annoying it can be. I remember one time I was wearing contacts and for some unknown reason, I raised my hand to push my glasses up! That was the moment when I realized that this is one of the main drawbacks and struggles that people with glasses are left to deal with!

Exercising is a No-no
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