The Top Christmas Décor Trends for 2015 ...

Have you decorated your house and tree yet? If you’re still in limbo, there’s a great opportunity for you to make a real statement by getting on board with the hottest Christmas décor trends for this year. Here’s what the best dressed trees and houses are wearing this Christmas.

1. Christmas Zoo: Polar Bears and Penguins

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From porcelain to glass or velvet, polar bears seem to be sneaking into every crevice of our Christmas this year. Large or small, accompanied by fellow arctic critter, the penguin, polar bears come as tree hangings, life-size heads on walls, inflatables a third of their natural size and tableware for children's Christmas parties. Whole animal herds are appearing on designer and decorator-treated walls this year. Sequined, covered in fur or glittering in copper, silver and bright white, polar bear, penguin, stags, rhino and co have taken over our festive decorations large scale!

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