The Awesome Untold Advantages of Being Single ...

By Leiann

The Awesome Untold Advantages of Being Single ...

Dr. Antonio Borrello is an expert on singles. The holiday season is not completely over yet, so I thought I would share this video with you about cheering up, even though you may be alone.

Being single during the holidays seems to make the lonliest time of year. Hallmark movies, engagement ring commercials, etc. How to get through?

Focus on your health or your career.

Think about the things you would and would not tolerate in a relationship.

Save the money you would have spent on a partner and spend it on yourself.

Do something that lifts your spirits.

When you work on yourself, you attract other people.

Find singles events near you.


1 Effort

2 Realistic Expectations

3 Plan

Borrello does not believe in fate. He states that you should take control of your romantic destiny. Make 2019 your year!

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