7 Sweet Little Ways to Make Your Bedroom Romantic ...


7 Sweet Little Ways to Make Your Bedroom Romantic ...
7 Sweet Little Ways to Make Your Bedroom Romantic ...

Bring the romance into your relationship with some simple and easy ways to make your bedroom romantic. This is the one place that you and your husband can retire to without having the kids hang all over you (and if they follow you, kick them out!), so what better way to enjoy some quality time together than by adding some romantic touches to the space? With these ways to make your bedroom romantic, you’ll both be swooning and romancing in no time.

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Luxury Bedding

One of the easiest ways to make your bedroom romantic is with luxury bedding. Skip the cotton and flannel; instead, opt for some satin or silk. These fabrics have a soft and silky feeling that just adds an instant touch of romance to the space.


Low Lighting

Set the mood for romance in your bedroom with low lighting. First of all, low lighting will make the space more welcoming and relaxing; second of all, it will set the stage for romance. Who ever heard of being romantic with bright lights glaring?



Of course, candles are a given when trying to create a romantic vibe in your bedroom. Fill the space with tons of candles. Line them along your dresser, your nightstands, shelves and any other stable and flat surface. Light them up and your room will exude romance.


A Canopy

To me, there is nothing more romantic than a canopy over a bed. It just gives the bed a special feeling, as if it is a little cocoon for you and your lover. Do a full-on canopy that engulfs the entire bed, or opt for one that spreads out over the top of the bed. Whichever option you choose, a canopy will surely add a romantic touch to your bedroom.


A Decorative Headboard

There really isn’t anything romantic about a mattress just sitting against a wall. Put a headboard behind it and you’ll add an instant touch of romance to your bedroom. Choose any type of headboard that speaks to your style: leather, tufted satin, wood or even a headboard made out of old shutters. Whatever you opt for, a headboard will certainly add some romantic flare to your room.



Sure, you’re going to have the standard bed and dressers in your bedroom; however, adding an unexpected piece of furniture can add a romantic feel to the space. An arm chair in a corner or a settee at the foot of the bed adds another dimension to the space, and well, put your imagination to work to figure out how else it can liven up the romance factor…


Vintage Accents

I don’t know what it is, but to me, there is just something about vintage elements that screams romance – in a subtle way. For example, a collection of vintage mirrors hung on the wall could add a certain touch of romance, as could vintage-style lamps. Take a trip to an antique shop or a thrift store, or even look around in your parents' or grandparents' garage, and you’ll probably find some great romantic vintage pieces to use in your bedroom.

Romance is one type of glue that holds a relationship together. Bringing some romance into the bedroom will certainly make room for some romance in your personal lives. Which of these tips do you think you’ll try?

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