9 Sure Fire Ways to Distract Your Boyfriend from His Games Console ...


9 Sure Fire Ways to Distract Your Boyfriend from His Games Console ...
9 Sure Fire Ways to Distract Your Boyfriend from His Games Console ...

It's no secret that men love their games consoles, and you might be wondering how you can find ways to distract your boyfriend the next time he's lost in ‘The Last of Us’ or glued to ‘Uncharted.’ Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do that will ensure his attention doesn't linger on his game for too long - but remember to let him enjoy his down time! Here are a few ways to distract your boyfriend when he's mid-gaming marathon.

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Get Stuck in

You know the saying "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em"?! This applies here. Grab yourself a controller and get stuck into split screen or online multiplayer action to make your boyfriend sit up and take notice. I promise you; once you kick his ass on 'Black Ops,' he'll have a new found respect for you! This is one of the best ways to distract your boyfriend and I guarantee he’ll love you for it.


Make His Favorite Snack

Whip up something yummy to make sure he doesn't starve whilst he's gaming and he’ll be really grateful. Whether it’s a bowl of chips and dips, freshly baked brownies or a tasty dinner, he'll have to stop to eat, even for a few seconds, and you can use those seconds to grab a quick kiss. This way, you’re looking after him and getting a little bit of his attention too!


Leave Him to It

Leaving him to his gaming session might not sound like the best way to grab his attention, but he'll appreciate the gesture. Whether you head out shopping, get on with some work or just catch up with friends, he'll love you for letting him have his boy-time, and wonder where you've got to. He'll soon be hunting you down for a snuggled up night on the sofa.


Hide His Console

I don't recommend this one personally, as you'll drive him nuts! Take away his console and you'll have one very unhappy boyfriend. When he can't find his beloved PlayStation or Xbox, he'll probably be a bit of a grumpy bunny, which isn't great news if you're hoping to do something together!


Sell His Console

This is an extreme step that you should never do (most stories where this has happened involve a bad breakup) unless you want to end your relationship! Whilst it might be tempting to list his Xbox or PS3 online whilst he's out at work, you'll regret it when he comes to realize you can't be trusted and don't know what's important to him. Some men turn to computer games to unwind, so let him have a bit of time to himself! It's only if your relationship starts to suffer that you need to take action.


Slip into Something Sexy

A good one, this! Shimmy seductively past the TV in that new lingerie he bought you for your birthday to really grab his attention. If he's a huge gaming geek, slipping into one of his gaming t-shirts (and nothing else) should get the message across nicely. Use this technique wisely and you'll have his undivided attention, ladies!


Play to his fantasies and create an element of surprise. Strut across the room with confidence in a silhouette-hugging nightgown, or opt for a cheeky cosplay that resonates with his favorite gaming character. Let your locks tumble freely and give him that smoldering look over your shoulder. It's all about the tease and playful intention. Remember, it's not just the attire but the aura of confidence you wear it with that'll make him hit the pause button. Add a mischievous wink, and watch as his joystick drops in favor of the real-life quest you've just presented.


Beat Him at His Own Game

If you complete 'Uncharted 3' before he does, or clock 'LA Noir' quicker than him (and with more trophies), the chances are he won't be in the mood to play his beloved console. Many men are naturally competitive and hate to be beaten, so he'll probably need to spend some time licking his wounds before he goes back to his PS3. Beware though, as if he's super-competitive this could spur him on to sit up all night playing in an attempt to beat your score!


Show Him How Much Fun You're Having

Instead of sitting around at home moping because your man doesn't want to go out and do anything, why not go and amuse yourself! Go to a party, catch the latest movie at the cinema or go bowling with friends. When he calls you to find out what you're up to and why you haven't responded to his texts, he'll find it hard to resist your invitation once he hears how much fun you're having!


Make Plans for Later

Some men use gaming as a social outlet to connect with friends online, or to unwind from a stressful job, and you should let him have his alone time to pursue his hobbies. A great way to ensure you're not forgotten is to make plans for later, at an agreed time once he's finished gaming. Meet up for dinner or a movie or even just turn up at his house with takeout and a DVD - it gives you both something to look forward to!

Part of being in a relationship is accepting each other's little flaws and quirks, and if your guy really loves his console, you shouldn't need to compete. Try to get involved and see if gaming is for you, and if it isn't, make sure he knows you're happy to give him alone time for gaming as long as he still has some time to spend with you! I've come across plenty of guys who were addicted to console and PC gaming, and distracting them isn't always easy! What tactics do you use to get his attention?

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This one should be titled \"How to Get Your Boyfriend to Dump You\".

Don't have a boyfriend, but I don't imagine #5 would make anyone happen. Hiding there items isn't good either except if they like looking, but you probably would just get negative attention.

#6 this one work

#6 Good one i like this one

Not sure how I feel about some of your recommendations resulting in a fight... If they don't work, don't write them down.

actually.. This is like a fake-

He said he only wants to play his games today. What do I do?

My boyfriend & I made a deal. He isn't allowed to be on Xbox every time I come over and I can't bitch and complain when he is on it when I'm not around. I think that's a fair trade. Hahaha.

My man plays video games every night and day doesn’t wanna even have anything to do with me anymore it seems like he just jumps on his stupid game when he first walks in the door and I say to him I’m the one that’s been waiting on him to get home from work not the game

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