7 Super Perfect Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day ...


It’s not the most celebrated holiday, but there are lots of ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day that can be fun for kids and adults alike. If this green event intrigues you, but you’re unsure how to party for it, let this be your guide. St. Patrick’s Day occurs as spring starts to emerge, so it’s a fun way to look forward to the warmth while also creating a memorable celebration you can recreate every year. Start with these perfect ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and let them inspire you into making memories you’ll always cherish.

1. Let the Leprechauns Visit

If you have kids, this is the one of the best ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. They’ll be so sure a leprechaun paid you a visit that they’ll spend the whole day trying to catch him. Leprechauns are well known for getting into mischief, so this can get really messy (which most kids love, right?). Create leprechaun footprints with powdered sugar throughout the house. Tint the water in the toilet with green food coloring and cover everything in green crepe paper and glitter or confetti. Make sure you do this when the kids are sleeping or otherwise occupied, or they’ll be on to you.

Make Corned Beef and Cabbage
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