9 Summertime Activities That Will Keep You Young ...

There are lots of summertime activities that will keep you feeling young, no matter what your age. Everyone likes to feel a little childlike again, and although summer isn't the only time to do that, it's definitely an opportune time. You might not get three months off work, but you have to admit that all the sunshine, the smells of chlorine and sunscreen, and the sight of fireflies make you nostalgic, right? So when you have some free time, give these summertime activities a try. You're welcome!

1. Coloring

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I'm going to start off with a few summertime activities for rainy days, because that's when you're usually at a loss. I love binge-watching OITNB and Breaking Bad on rainy days as much as the next girl, but that won't keep you young. Breaking out the coloring books will keep you young, so go stock up right now. If you're feeling super nostalgic, then go ahead and spring for the deluxe box of Crayolas.

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