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10 Summer Perfect DIY Maxi Dresses ...

By Meream

DIY Maxi Dresses are fantastic sewing projects for the summer. Not only will you be making something trendy by creating one (or two or three) of these DIY maxi dresses, you will also be adding an easy-to-wear and style piece to your wardrobe. I don't know about you but I love wearing maxi dresses as much as I enjoy making them. Let's get sewing, shall we?

1 Geometric

GeometricHitting two trends with one stone (er... dress)! Now you don't have to use a geometric fabric to make this pretty tube maxi dress. You can choose any fabric that you like. Warning: this DIY maxi dress tutorial requires sewing a zipper.


2 Long-Sleeved

Long-SleevedHow pretty! I love the print of the fabric and the loose long sleeves. The side ruching looks great, too. This detail is fantastic for hiding any bumps that you may wish to camouflage.


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3 Easy Tank Top

Easy Tank TopThis is one of the more popular** maxi dress tutorials** floating around the internets today. It's not surprising because this is one easy and fun maxi dress to sew.


4 Ruffled Hem

Ruffled HemWhat a fun color! I included this in this list of** DIY maxi dresses** because Shannon shows us one great source of dressmaking fabric: your bed sheet. The mustard piece she used here was a thrifted bed sheet. The basic tutorial is the same as the one featured above but Shannon added pretty ruffles to her dress.


5 Drawstring Tube

Drawstring TubeDrawstring dresses are huge this spring, too. Incorporate that waistline type with your maxi dress and you've got yourself one beautiful piece. If you want to know how to sew this DIY maxi dress, check out Mimi G.'s video tute.


6 One-Shoulder Drape

One-Shoulder DrapeHow about we make a Grecian type maxi dress to strut around in this summer? You will need only jersey fabric and a matching thread. You will also need knotting skills. To see what I'm talking about, head on over to the tutorial after the link.


7 Twisted Straps

Twisted StrapsThis is a great DIY maxi dress to make if you're in the mood for something unique as far as the straps go. These twisted straps are actually very easy to to. Design variation: make an empire cut style dress with a very full bottom panel.


8 Haltered Drawstring

Haltered DrawstringThis is probably one of the easiest** DIY maxi dresses** here. Trust me, this haltered dress method is very simple to create. I should know because this is perhaps my go-to dress/top style when I feel like sewing something fun and cute.


9 Breezy Kimono

Breezy KimonoTake two triangle panels, sew the sides and top, cut a neckline, and sew an elastic along the waist. Congratulations, you just made a kimono-style maxi dress. Wear with a belt or pretty sash.


10 Tee Maxi

Tee MaxiThis DIY maxi dress is basically similar to the tank top one featured above. I had to include it in this list, though, because the watercolor fabric is to die for and I love that Kelly used a shirt instead of a tank top.


Hope you find inspiration from this list of DIY maxi dresses! Go ahead and splurge on a pretty fabric; you will want to use only the kind you really like to make one (or two or three) of these** handmade maxi dresses.** Happy sewing!

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