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7 Struggles of Becoming Strangers Again ...

By Vladlena

One of the most common situations that every single person has probably experienced is the act of becoming strangers again with the person you used to be close to. Whether something has happened between the two of you or you just gradually lost touch, you are now in the process of going back to being strangers. While it can be really easy when you are no longer in physical contact, it can be a lot harder if you tend to run into them on daily basis. Here are 7 struggles of becoming strangers again with the person you used to know so well.

1 The Awkwardness

One of the first obstacles you have to overcome when becoming strangers again is the initial awkwardness. After knowing the person for so long, you suddenly don’t know how to act around them or what to say. So you just end up avoiding them completely whenever you see them and while nobody says anything, the silence speaks for itself.

2 Not Being Able to Talk like You Used to

It is hard to no longer talk to a person you used to speak with to every day. There are some things that come into your head that you would have previously instantly shared with that person but now, you have nobody else to share it with. I mean you could, but it wouldn’t have the same effect! Over time you have to learn to suppress your urge to call them or text them.

3 Having to Avoid That Person

Instead of constantly having to face the awkwardness as mentioned in the first point, over time it becomes easier to just avoid each other. It’s so unnatural to have to hide from a person who meant a lot to you at some point in your life, however it is one of the struggles you have to face when things change between people.

4 Changing the Way You Act around Them

When you are forced to be around that person, you suddenly change the way you act. You are no longer the person you used to be around them, you are more reserved and you tend to watch what you say. It really feels uncomfortable and unnatural!

5 Looking Back at the Memories

Whether there are hard feelings between both of you in the end or not, it can be quite sad to look at the good memories that you have shared in the past. They really make you doubt if you have made the right decision of not hanging on to that person. Remember, things happen for a reason and many people come and go out of your life.

6 Seeing Them Move on without You

Even if you purposely took that person out of your life, after some time it can be difficult to see the person move on without you. Especially if they were your romantic partner or best friend. You had feelings for them and those feelings might still linger even after some time. Sometimes you even wonder if they ever miss having you by their side.

7 Not Having Them in Your Life

Each person you have ever had contact with filled a particular spot in your life, which is why you might feel a little empty when they are no longer there. It takes some getting used to and it might cause some uneasiness, but you are bound to move on because as we all know, time really does heal all wounds!

There is a certain cycle that we go through with some people in our lives. We meet them as strangers, and then become acquaintances, friends and maybe even something more, but life has its own ways and sometimes we go back around in a circle to being strangers once again. How do you deal with losing a person who you were previously close with?

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