7 Steps to Creating Your Perfect Vision Board ...


Vision boards can be really powerful tools and there are some simple steps to creating your perfect vision board that will bring you one step closer to the happier and more fulfilling life you deserve. Vision boards, or mood boards as they're sometimes called, are not just a random selection of pretty pictures and quotes, but can actually be used to help manifest your future and goals. Think of it as a pictorial to do list, with all your hopes, dreams and aspirations in a frame. Touted as the tool for all 'law of attraction' aficionados like myself, by looking at your vision board every day, you will train your mind to help bring these things into your life. So here are some tips for making your perfect vision board.

1. Visioning

Joyce Schwarz, author of the fabulous 'The Vision Board', encourages anyone embarking on the vision board journey to start with visioning; a group process which can help you find your life's direction. Visioning helps you awaken your inner spirit and it's during the visioning process that images, symbols and ideas will come to you. The idea is that you pay close attention to all of these images that come to you intuitively and write them down. If you would rather not be part of a group or don't know of one in your area, another option is to quietly meditate and ask yourself what it is you desire in life.

Dream Big
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