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7 Steps to Better French Kissing ...

By Amber

Let’s face it… French kissing is a lot of fun if you know what you are doing. However, for a first timer, it can be terrifying. You wonder if you are doing it right, if your tongue is in the right place, and if your partner is actually enjoying the experience. Take some advice from this old married woman and stop stressing out! The art of French kissing is all about going with the flow and having a good time. Here are 7 Steps to Better French Kissing that will get you through it!

1 Relax

The most important rule is to RELAX! Consciously relax your body, your lips and your tongue! If your body isn’t relaxed, it will be difficult for your partner to fully connect with you through your kiss.

2 Get in the Proper Position

If you are going to give your partner a French kiss, you cannot meet them with your face straight ahead. Slightly turn your head to one side so that your nose won’t crash into their nose. French kissing is a long, slow kiss so you need to be comfortable enough to maintain this position for awhile.

3 Freshen Your Breath

During a French kiss it is essential that you have made sure that you have good breath. If you had onions on your burger, there is not hiding it when you are in the middle of a deep kiss! Brush your teeth ahead of time, but also carry a backup of mints, gum, or breath spray. You might want to steer clear of coffee, onions, cigarettes, and other breath destroyers in the hours before your big date.

4 Open Your Lips!

Although you don’t want to open your mouth completely wide open, you do want to part your lips some. If your lips are tightly sealed then this will not be a French kiss, but a closed mouth kiss.

5 Use Your Tongue

To master a French kiss, you will have to use your tongue. Don’t stick it out as far as you can, just an inch or two. When your partner sticks his out, your tongues will touch. It might sound weird, but you’ll get the hang of it!

6 It’s Kind of like Dancing… so Move!

You can circle the tip of your tongue around the tip of theirs. Mirror your partner’s movements, and do what feels good. Just DON’T leave your tongue there completely still doing nothing.

7 Go with It

Stop over thinking it! Relax and enjoy the experience. Some people choose to move their heads while French kissing, while others may leave their heads still and move their hands and arms more.

French kissing is an intimate, fun way to make out and enjoy your guy. There is no wrong way to kiss, but there are definitely ways that you and your partner may find to be more enjoyable. Spend time together figuring out what works best for you, and most of all, have fun! Ultimately, these 7 tips for better French kissing are just the beginning. So let me know… what works for you? What’s your secret to better kissing?

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