7 Startling and Mind Blowing New Facts about Wildlife Extinction ...


The World Wildlife Fund has published a new report with some startling facts about wildlife extinction. The “2014 Living Planet Report” is not pleasant reading for animal lovers and conservationists. Critics will state it is overly dramatic but it is indeed a harbinger of doom and it is summed up in a few words by the CEO of WWF, Carter Roberts who said “We're gradually destroying our planet's ability to support our way of life” in his statement accompanying the release of the report. It’s a lengthy report but here are some of the new facts about wildlife extinction it brings to our attention.

1. Decline

The most sobering conclusion is that we have reduced the vertebrate population of the world by 52% in just 40 years. That is astounding. The vertebrate population includes mammals, reptiles, fish, birds and amphibians. And what makes this one of the most amazing facts about wildlife extinction is that in the same period of 1970 to 2010, the human population of the planet grew from 3.76 billion to 6.85 billion. So while we were killing off half the animal population, we were practically doubling the number of humans.

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