7 Facts about Dolphins You Probably Didn't Know ...

By A.J.

When we look at the most well-known facts about dolphins, such as their intelligence, compassion and fun loving nature, new things always seem to surface. Soon enough, you might just find yourself completely bewildered by the many fun, exciting and sometimes shocking facts about dolphins that you never even could have guessed.

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Heightened Intelligence

Heightened Intelligence What might be one of the most remarkable facts about dolphins you’ll find is that this species of sea mammals is one of the few that can compete with humans when it comes to intelligence. Dolphins are known for their heightened level of self-awareness, ability to imitate each other and members of other species, ability to respond appropriately to training instructions – not just "face to face" instructions, but also those shown to them on TV screens – and a remarkable power to understand, learn and memorize.


Highly Atuned Senses

Highly Atuned Senses Dolphins can see, hear and touch anything at totally different levels of sensitivity when compared to humans and to a lot of other species of mammals as well. They can see at long distances both underwater and on the surface, their hearing is about 10 times better than that of an average human, and their sense of touch is highly evolved, as they use it to bond with each other.


Sensing Electrical Impulses

Sensing Electrical Impulses One of the really amazing facts about dolphins that might just blow your mind is that they can use a rare ability called “electroreception.” More of a superpower really, this ability basically means they can sense the electrical impulses of other beings, which helps them locate their prey in murky waters, where echolocation can't help them that much.


Efficient Swimmers

Efficient Swimmers If you’re looking for amazing facts about dolphin physiology, this just about tops them all. Not only are these guys endowed with drag-resistant skin and capable of 300-400 pounds of thrust at full tilt while in the water (more than 5 times the energy produced by the strongest human swimmer), but they can also convert about 80% of that power into forward momentum, which makes them among the most efficient and fastest swimmers in the ocean.


Size and Diversity

Size and Diversity Even smaller dolphins can reach 90 pounds and about 4 feet in length - some of them can be as long as 30 feet, while weighing an impressive 11 tons. Of course, there are numerous different species, and not many of them can reach such dimensions, with location and the specific traits of the environment playing a major role in their development.

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Sociability Dolphins can communicate with each other quite actively and they live in large pods or communities of even up to 1000 individuals. Also, they actually have a type of culture, as well as the ability to communicate through basic emotions, learning and even engaging into abstract forms of conceptual thought.


Healing and Compassion

Healing and Compassion Finally, what’s really above "normal" when it comes to the remarkable abilities that dolphins have two traits are taken to the superlative: their compassion and healing abilities. Dolphins are the most altruistic members of the animal kingdom, often risking their own lives to save another being (even from other species), and their bodies have incredible healing abilities, being able to heal wounds the size of basketballs, re-grow large chunks of flesh, and even swim through infected waters without getting sick.

In many areas, dolphins seem to be even more in tune with their environments and capable to learn from life and enjoy it more than we do. Do you know of any other dolphin “superpowers”? And what do you think we might have to learn from these magnificent creatures?



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