7 Socially Awkward Situations Everyone Goes through and How to Handle Them ...


Don’t you just hate those socially awkward situations that everyone has to deal with?! I find myself in these situations almost daily, that’s why I wanted to write about them. The common denominator in all these socially awkward situations is the simple fact that we all experience these situations at some point or another, and in some of us they instill feelings of uneasiness, anxiety and sometimes even panic.

1. Greeting Someone You Don’t Know

One of my most frequent socially awkward situations involves going to greet someone I don’t know, only to find the person I’m greeting shakes my hand, or kisses the wrong cheek! It's always awkward, right? You know those moments when you go to kiss a different cheek or you hug when they're simply after a handshake! Since this situation happens so quickly, all that’s needed is a quick apology or you can laugh about the moment, and it’s quickly forgotten.

Awkward Silences
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