Social Experiment Changing up Appearances for Tinder Dates ...


A lot of people tend to be skeptical about online dating because, well, you really never know if the person you meet will end up being/looking like the same person you've been talking to. What happens when you don't look like your profile picture? That question was put to the test with these two videos. In the first clip, a girl lined up some Tinder dates for the afternoon. Before she met them, she put on a fat suit to see how they'd react. Watch what happened:

The same experiment was done but this time, it was a guy who put on a fat suit. The results were, well, very different than the results the girl got in the first video. Watch what happened:

What's your take on all of this? Were you surprised by the experiment's results or did you expect that to happen?

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I believe women are just more open than men. After a lot of men's fathers taught them to go for the "hot" women, as of my mother taught me it's whats in the inside.

The women were more classy, while the men didn't hide their inner feelings. It was an interesting video.

Women are so much nicer than men!

They're not necessarily nicer, the majority of women are passive and the majority of men are direct

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