7 Sneaky Supermarket Spending Tricks You Should Avoid ...


If you’ve ever popped out for milk and spent $30, you’ll know the supermarket spending tricks that I’m talking about. It’s not just us, either: a recent study found that around 20% of supermarket purchases are unplanned, and most people have bought at least three things on offer that they never actually eat. But what supermarket spending tricks are in action at the moment, and how do you fight them off?

1. Big CartS

It’s not just you – shopping carts are getting bigger. There is a good reason for it, too. Shoppers who are forced to have a big shopping cart rather than a small one do a lot more impulse shopping, because the trolley still looks so empty. If a shopper is using a smaller trolley, it’s easier to see how much you’ve got. This is one of the newest supermarket spending tricks, and it’s definitely one that you can avoid. Hunt around for a small cart, or use a basket instead.

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