8 Smart Ways to Bag a Book Bargain ...


8 Smart Ways to Bag a Book Bargain ...
8 Smart Ways to Bag a Book Bargain ...

Finding a Book Bargain is a smart move for anyone who reads as much as I do (I´ve been known to get through a book in an afternoon). When you read that fast, you don´t want to pay too much for your books! Even if you don´t have such an intense reading habit, why pay more if you can pay less? Here are some smart ways to bag a book bargain.

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Do you have bibliophile friends? Swap the books that you have finished with for something that they've read. Some cafes also organise book swaps, so drop off one you've read and take something 'new' in exchange. Then when you've read that one, take it back for another exchange. Swaps are the ultimate book bargain!


Thrift Stores

If you don't expect your books to be in pristine condition without a mark on the spine, check out your local thrift stores for some real book bargains. They're especially great for one-time reads that you don´t want to keep, and can donate back after reading. Plus you are helping out some really good causes with your book bargain!



Bookcrossing is essentially a kind of swap system, but with a twist. You choose a location to leave a book, register it on the website, and someone else can pick it up. The journey of the book can be traced online. See bookcrossing.com for details. It's a book bargain, with a treasure hunt aspect... cool!


Online Stores

As much as I love browsing in bookshops, and would hate to see them disappear, buying online is often the best place for a book bargain. Sites such as Amazon offer such a vast range, and often at a fair discount from the retail price. Other sites have a limited range, but with substantial discounts, so if you're flexible about what you buy, you can find some great book bargains.



If you've discovered a new series of books (new to you, that is), see if the series is available as a set. Purchasing in this way can often mean a considerable saving on buying the books individually. Not only do you get a book bargain, but you have the whole set ready and waiting for you to work your way through!


Marketplace Sellers

The online second-hand book market can be pretty competitive, and sellers on sites like Amazon Marketplace usually compete to offer the best price. If you´re not worried about having a brand new copy, you can pick up popular books for little more than the postage cost.



If you are a student and need to buy set books for a course, they can add up to lots of $$$. But you don´t have to pay full price for these essential books! Buy them from other students who no longer need the books, or check whether your college has a second-hand bookstore. Don´t forget to sell them on yourself when you´ve finished with them.


Second-hand and Discount Stores

If you like to browse through books to make a selection, don´t forget second-hand bookstores when you´re in search of a bargain. There´s no telling what treasures you may come across. Discount stores may not have a vast selection, but prices are obviously low, so either type of store will allow you to pick up some books at low prices.

There are lots of ways to find a book bargain, so if you too have a thirst for reading you can quench it without spending too much money. Plus don´t forget your local library – by using them and showing your support, you can help keep these vital services open. Books also make wonderful gifts, with something to suit every taste. What is the greatest book bargain you´ve ever found?

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