7 Smart Tips for Learning a Language - Fast! ...


If it’s something you’ve always wanted to do but have been put off by the thought that is a long and arduous process, these tips for learning a language will change your mind. As with anything, the faster you see results, the greater your motivation to keep going. These tips for learning a language will see you progress quickly and you’ll just want to keep on going till you master it.

1. Learn a Few Important Phrases and Words

One of the most common tips for learning a language quickly is often, “Buy a phrasebook.” However, usually these phrases deal with travel-related scenarios. If that's where you intend to use the language, by all means purchase one. In a pinch you can simply point out a sentence and someone will likely be able to help you. If using the language elsewhere, such as at work, for example, learn the words associated with that situation. Once you learn the individual words, start learning sentences and questions, and learn what possible responses you should expect from what you ask or say. If you learn the 1000 most common words in a language, you will understand about 70 percent of what people are saying.

Don't Be Afraid to Use What You've Learned Right Away
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