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"Slutty" Things That Are Actually Healthy for You to do ...

By Holly

The word "slut" is thrown around way too often. Women are accused of being slutty after they do the most innocent things. Even if you are a woman who likes to sleep around, there's nothing wrong with that, as long as you're practicing safe sex and aren't breaking too many hearts. Of course, it doesn't matter if you're sexually active or a virgin, because these "slutty" things are actually healthy for you to do:

1 Wear Revealing Clothing

Wear Revealing Clothing It's healthy to be comfortable with the way your body looks. If you love your legs, then don't be afraid to wear short shorts. If you love your breasts, don't be afraid to show off some cleavage. You're not slutty for wearing revealing clothing. It's actually better for you to feel comfortable showing some skin than to be embarrassed by your looks.

2 Take Birth Control Pills

Take Birth Control Pills Some people will assume that you're sexually active, just because you're on birth control. Of course, that's far from the truth. Some women start the pill in order to regulate their periods. Even if you're on birth control, because you're sexually active, it means you're doing your best to prevent pregnancy. That's something to be proud of, not ashamed of.

3 Make the First Move

Make the First Move If you like a guy, ask him out on a date. It's the twenty-first century, which means there's nothing wrong with the woman making the first move. If you want to kiss a guy, kiss him. If you want to take him out to dinner, then take him. It doesn't make you desperate. It makes you a strong woman.

4 Date Multiple Men

Date Multiple Men As long as you're not in a committed relationship with any one man, there's nothing wrong with going out on a date with one guy one day and another guy the next day. Don't settle for the first man who kisses you. The more men you meet, the higher your chances will be of finding someone who's actually right for you.

5 Be Comfortable Talking about Sex

Be Comfortable Talking about Sex You don't want to be the girl who giggles at the word "penis" in health class. You want to be the girl who sits there quietly and actually pays attention to what the teacher has to say. The more comfortable you are talking about sex, the more educated you'll become. So don't hold back your questions.

6 Have a Lot of Guy Friends

Have a Lot of Guy Friends You probably aren't sleeping with all of your guy friends. Even if you are, it's healthy for you to be surrounded by men. That way, you'll learn how their brains work. When you end up in a serious relationship, the information you learned from them will come in handy.

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7 Sleep with Someone You like

Sleep with Someone You like If you're educated about sex and want to sleep with someone you find attractive, then don't let other people's opinions stop you. Your sex life is none of their business. You should do what makes you happiest, because it's healthier to follow your heart than to follow the crowd.

Don't worry about the way that others perceive you, because they don't know what they're talking about. If they call you a name, then just ignore them, because you're too mature to deal with their childishness. Do you do any of these "slutty" things that are actually healthy?

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