Slightly Lesbo Stuff You Can Truly do with Your Bff ...


Slightly Lesbo Stuff You Can Truly do with Your Bff ...
Slightly Lesbo Stuff You Can Truly do with Your Bff ...

When it comes to your bestie, your BFF, your friend that is your closest, there are things that you can do that nobody in the world will understand. When you get my bestie and me together, half of the time, you would think that we are a couple versus just friends. Here is a list of some of the things that yes, you probably will do with your bestie that is just slightly lesboish, but they are still legit and your bae will just have to deal.

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Napping Together

This means full-on cuddling and spooning too. Sometimes, you just need a cuddle buddy and your best friend makes the best cuddle friend. It doesn't mean that you are doing anything together, it just means that you are both tired and that you both don't want to sleep alone. That's all.


Napping together with your best friend is a great way to bond and share a moment of relaxation. It’s a way to show your friend that you care and that you want to spend quality time with them. It doesn’t mean that you are doing anything romantic, it’s simply a way to show your friend that you are there for them.

Cuddling and spooning are two of the most popular ways to nap together. Cuddling is a great way to show your friend that you care and that you are there for them. Spooning is a great way to feel connected and to feel like you’re in the same space.

Napping together with your best friend can be a great way to de-stress and to take a break from the world. It’s a great way to escape from the world and to just relax and be in the moment. It’s a great way to just be with your friend and to enjoy each other’s company.


Showing More Love via Social Media

Ah, constant Facebook tagging, Instagram tagging, Twitter tagging and even your Snapchat memories are filled with your BFF and you. This is huge because your bae will probably think that your social media accounts should be dedicated to them .. don't let them do that, your bestie and you have been together longer!


You Act More like a Couple than You and Your Bae

This happens sometimes. You talk about your best friend, you are constantly chatting with her, constantly talking to her on the phone and every conversation you have … word for word is memorized. You'd leave your bae in the middle of sex if your bestie needed you. That's commitment and it's totally okay!


You share inside jokes, you can sit in comfortable silence, and you finish each other's sentences. It’s like you’ve got this beautiful, platonic love story casting its spell over your everyday life. Honestly, you find yourselves planning future trips, dreaming up your co-owned coffee shop, and let's not forget those moments when you're both cozy on the sofa, binge-watching your favorite series, just enjoying the simplicity of each other’s company. Sure, you adore your boo, but your best friend? They're your rock—the peanut butter to your jelly. Total #BFFGoals.


No Shame in Sending Multiple Messages in a Row

I've sent a record of 16 messages in a row to my best friend and I didn't even feel bad about it. She got back to me later and guess what? She answered every single one of them. That's true love girls, keep that in mind the next time that you are blowing up your bestie's phone!


Sometimes, you just need to get all your wild thoughts out there, and who better to bombard than your ride-or-die chick? Be it a dramatic saga about the dude at the coffee shop or a real-time fashion crisis, spamming her inbox is a rite of passage in Bffdom. And let’s be honest, it's kind of a compliment – because who else would tolerate, let alone, adore your beautifully chaotic brain dumps? So go on, hit send again and again. If she's the Serena to your Blair, she’ll get your vibe, no judgment, just love.


You Can't Stay Mad at Each Other for Longer than a Day

Sure, you can stay mad at your boyfriend or girlfriend but you can't stay mad at your bestie. No, really, you can't. You've tried when you've fought over things and it doesn't ever seem to work. Don't worry, there may come a time when you get mad and stay that way for more than a day but it doesn't seem in sight right now.


Naked? Why Not?

Either you will get naked in front of your bestie or you have sent nude photos when trying things on. It happens. Yes, you've probably not done it and not even noticed and now that I am bringing it up, it is all coming together right?


It’s like there is this unspoken level of comfort that only exists with your BFF. Who else would you allow into the dressing room while trying on a risky outfit for feedback? It's the ultimate sign of trust and camaraderie. And besides, when it comes to sharing those fashion-forward or questionable snaps, isn't your bestie the ultimate judge? There’s no shame between you; after all, who else will be brutally honest about how that new bikini really looks on you?


Jealous over Other Friends

Finally, if you are constantly jealous over your bestie's other friends. This is a huge one because you both shouldn't just be friends with one another, you need other friends and other experiences. Keep that in mind!

Now that you've seen some of the most common lesbo things that you are probably already doing with your bestie, what are some other things you do? Share 'em in the comments girls!

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Can we not use the word 'Lesbo'? It's called Lesbian,use it

I can relate.. You mentioned the things no one has ever spoken about. Loved your work :)

this is pretty insensitive to actual lesbians on this site

Why be so offensive to gay women?

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