7 Slang Words from the '80s to Start Using ...


Slang words from the โ€˜80s are a little bit cheesy and a little bit outdated, but they are totally fabulous all the same. Here are seven of the best that I have come across, along with their definitions. Letโ€™s start to bring them back! Start dropping these slang words from the โ€˜80s into your conversations and watch them catch on.

1. Grody

If you refer to something as โ€˜grodyโ€™, it is extremely gross. For instance, โ€œugh, this food is grody!โ€ This word might be handy if you want to say that something is gross but donโ€™t want everyone to know, because there arenโ€™t many younger people who know about this word! This is the same for most of these slang words from the โ€˜80s.

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