7 Silly Internet πŸ’» Mistakes Most People Are Making ❌ Every Day πŸ‘‡πŸΌ ...


Even though the Internet is a wonderful thing since it allows you to videochat with your loved ones in real time, it empowers you to do financial transactions without visiting the bank or it can even give you access to entire libraries, you should still know that there are a few Internet mistakes that you should try to avoid making if you want to stay out of trouble. Learn how to use your web access in a smart way and avoid procrastinating while watching funny cat videos online. Here are 7 silly Internet mistakes you need to stop making today:

1. Spending Too Much Time Online

A lot of studies have shown that using the Internet in excess is in fact related to having depressing tendencies. Even though it’s much easier to chat with your friends online, just take a little break every now and then and go meet with them for a drink and talk face-to-face.

Taking Notes on Your Computer
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